10 Idiotic Break Up Clinches Of The Decade

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No person is completely right, no one is completely wrong and if this is the fact we often blame fate, destiny, situations and time for whatever happens in Life and when a long relation breaks we have a list of thing to be counted as ‘Responsible’. Today a break up is one of the most casual thing which has its side effects and here are 10 dialogues that make sure the Break Up is too Near.

If you had a break up just think did u ever spoke any of them or if you want break up than try all of them!

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Here’re 10 Idiotic Break Up Clinches

1) You are TOO busy Nowadays 


Things Starts with this and End up with this, we know Life has much more things to do and not all can manage timings but still this One will come in all the matters and make the mood sour.

2) You Have Changed


Yes, Everything Changes with a Time and that’s not a matter to Fight!

3) Things Doesn’t Matter You Anyway


When a person has been with you from a long time , he/she knows how you are going to deal with those situations and it doesn’t mean that they don’t care.

4) Stop Behaving Like That


Things changes but not EVERYTHING and common He/She likes to behave in that matter, What’s the reason to create mess.

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5) You Shouldn’t TRY this


There is a way to say everything and one shouldn’t say such things in the most direct manner!


6) Learn to handle yourself

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This one is Offensive from many angles like you don’t want to take care of me or you think you didn’t knew till now how to handle this!

7) This Has Got Too Boring


After a period of time things get boring and better accept the fact and think about What else to do.

8) I too Have FRIENDS


Man, this sounds as if you are doubting on her/him just because he have opposite sex as the best friend.

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9) I will call you up, After SOMETIME


When he/she calls and you begin the talk with such ONE..Don’t expect any Good thing ahead.

10) That’s Not Your Cup Of Tea


Oh Man!! Are you seriously in a mood of challenging her!!

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