5 Psychological Reasons Why Nice Guys Don’t Always Get The Girl

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“You are really a nice guy, but we can only be friends” – How many of you have heard this kind of response when you proposed your love, she seems to be into you but the response changes when you try to escalate. The reason is you are being a gentleman and never got her attracted/attached.

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Here’re 5 Psychofacts Why Nice Guys Don’t Always Get The Girl

1.Being Nice is associated with Being Fake


Whenever someone acts too nicely, it is always associated with some hidden motive. Girls can easily smell the fishy things in your mind from distance whenever you act too nicely and tries to get their attention.

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2. Nice people are taken for granted

nice guy

Expectations are lit up from your behavior. Consistently doing favor to a girl to get into her good books will do no good for you.  Favors or helps don’t create any sort of attraction.

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3. You don’t give her anything to obsess


Being Nice means being too predictable and this means zero attention. If you are not able to make a girl constantly think about you when you are not around her, you cannot make her fall for you. She knows every aspect of your personality and there is nothing attractive about it. Nice guys don’t have a hidden charisma around their personality.

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4. Lack of uncertainty

nice guys

Whenever we are sure of something, we pay our attention to it. Chances are that you have already assured her that you are not going to leave her whatever may be the situation. This has also given her a subtle signal that you need her more than she needs you.

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5. No efforts from her side

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We don’t value whatever we get easily. If you are acting too nice and didn’t let her to add a single effort to impress you, it will be very easy for her to reject you. Until or unless she has invested some time in efforts in you, it will remain a single-sided game.

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