5 Psychological Signs That She Is Using You

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Understanding women is never easy and especially when you are in a relationship and you think she’s into you. These days having friends with benefits is better than having a serious relationship because you never got to get betrayed and get hurt. If she’s really into you then you should be careful because she’ll soon show her true colors. Don’t get into her trap and walk away from such girls.

Here are 5 Psychological Signs That She Is Using You 

1.She’s always busy when you want her 

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

You can call her selfish and mean if she never tries to meet you or she calls you in the middle of the night because she needs to her work done. After her work is done, She never really cares who you are. Just avoid such mean girls.

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2.She’s avoiding you 

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© Stock.XCHNG

When you need her the most, You find her no where near to you but when she’s getting bored, you’re the guy she calls up. She’s just getting into you for fun not more than that. You should stay away from such girls as they are not trust worthy.

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3.Never pays attention

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 You feel ignored when she never pays attention to you and what you talk as she gets distracted easily and changes the topic. No replies to your texts and calls but she gets mad when you do the same. She always makes excuses like ‘Oh, I forgot’ and “I’m so sorry”. She literally lives off you.

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4.You always pay for her bills 

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© unsplash

Parties, Dinner, Dates, Shopping, Phone recharge’s and her assignments too you do everything and give for her. You pick her up, drive her around and then drop her. Basically she has made you her B*ITCH.

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5.Remainder – We’re ‘just friends’ 

© Splitsphire
© Splitsphire

She expects you to do everything as her boyfriend but refuses to pay back or do so in the relationship. She keeps reminding you that you’re ‘just friends’. You cancel your plans for her and she never really cares. She is being so insensitive. It’s all about her every time.

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