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7 Sweet Little Ways To Tell A Girl She’s Gorgeous


Telling a girl she’s beautiful is one the nicest compliment you can ever give her. Women love it when they receive compliments for their guy. Men can’t seem to pull it off because they think their woman requires grand gestures and bold statements. The problem with this is that you may end up looking like you’re trying too hard.

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Here’re 7 Sweet Little Ways To Tell A Girl She’s Gorgeous

1.Just start by telling her she looks good


Whether you’re on your first date or have been together for 15 years, telling a woman how beautiful she looks will get her heart fluttering like the delicate wings of a rare butterfly. Not only will your words elevate her mood, but you will also bring up her confidence. Remember that when a woman feels confident she will feel sexy, and when she feels sexy, everyone wins, especially you.

2.Don’t save it for special occasions


Don’t save your charm and sweet words for special occasions. Tell a woman how beautiful she looks as often as you can, but not to the point that she stops taking you seriously.

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3.Try to put it on paper


In an age of texting and email, take the time to pen your sweet words on paper. Whether it is selecting a phrase from a classic poem detailing how beautiful she is, penning down song lyrics, or making something up as you go along, do it old school style and surprise her with a letter or note in her purse. A quick Google search will give you a myriad of thematic poetry options so you have no excuse if you can’t find the right words.

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4.Don’t focus on just physical beauty


The new age and women are all about feminine power and independence. To some women, receiving a compliment on the way she looks does not carry as much weight as a compliment detailing her brains.




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