8 Habits of Highly Successful Leaders

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In our daily lives, we come across several types of people, and it is through our interactions with them, that we come to know the various facets of their personalities. A person’s speech is often a reflection of their thoughts. You can make out exactly what’s going on in a person’s mind not from the way they speak, but from what they speak. Amidst these various kinds of people, there are game – changers, they are game-changers because with their actions they can actually change any situation from bad to good and things are much better after they step in! Here’s how you spot them.

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Here’re 8 Habits of Highly Effective Game Changers

1. They are secretive

They can give utmost privacy to any secret you confide in them. They understand the importance of privacy. You can almost guarantee their ability to keep matters confidential.

2. They conclude after research

Yes, they don’t take yours and anyone’s words as the final authority but thoroughly research the reasons and weigh them with their intuition before coming to a conclusion.

3. They like to work behind the scenes

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They enjoy being behind the scenes most of the time so that they can escape un-necessary attention and people who can undermine their efforts.

4. They may choose temporary defeat for permanent success

This is because they understand the impact of certain actions which may or may not result in permanent success and if they fall into something unfavorable, they might back out.

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5. They take responsibility

They take responsibility for their actions and do not indulge in hateful conversations of blame-game. They will fix what they broke.

6. They begin with clarity


Clear mind, clear conversations, clear goals and clear understanding of the smallest to the biggest task are very important and they take actions only after they gain clarity. In their minds, they pick up only those thoughts which are important for them at the moment.

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7. They are balanced individuals

They completely understand the negative impact of anything that is beyond the limit or what is required. Too much of anything in one direction will surely create a scarcity in another direction. Balancing is their best attribute.

8. They are realistic

Their idea of being realistic is of building their future with the gifts from the present and not just dreaming of it. They give equal importance to success as well the little things which lead to success.

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Have you spotted a game-changer in your life or you are one of them? Are there more characteristics of their personalities not covered above? Get the conversations going with your comments below.

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