8 Places Women Wants To Be Touched but Will Never Say

It is known that reading the mind of a female gender is quite a daunting task. There are a lot of stuff that she wants from you in addition to the v@gina, b*tt, and bre@sts that men most likely investigate. There is some point of touches that you can implement during the course of foreplay and sex and thus give her the much-needed enjoyment. Make sure that you touch her at a right time and place so that she is indeed happy with you. So, here are the 8 things that women want from men to keep them happy.

1. Her Hair

This is certainly one of the places where women like to be touched. Moreover, make sure that you don’t mess up a lot and hence slightly caress it to make her happy.

2. Her Neck

The neck is very much overlooked but it can certainly give your woman the desired pleasure. Start with some gentle kisses and then move on from her shoulders to the hairline.

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3. Concentrate on her back

Yes, it can work like magic for you if you would concentrate on her back. You need to kiss done her spine as it can make her excitement and further increase her heart rate.

4. Behind the knees

If you want to make love with your partner, then the best place is to touch her behind the knees and further lick it as well.


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5. Just touch her nipples

Touching her nipples can make your woman excited. Make sure that you are gentle in the process and perhaps you are not very hard on her bre@st.


6. Her Ears

Whispering in the ears is certainly a wonderful technique to turn your partner. All you have to do is lick and whisper in the ear of your woman and witness the happiness that she gets.

7. Around her thighs

Make use of your hand and mouth to kiss and touch the interior part of her thighs and getting even closer to her pleasure point.

8. The pelvis area

Women feel very excited when touched around her legs and pelvis area. Make sure you touch them slowly and trust me your partner will fall in love with you even more.

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