Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

Understanding humans can be flummoxing at times. It can be a cake walk or a walk in the jungle. But their choices, likes, and dislikes reveal a lot about them and we can definitely frame an opinion about them based on their choices.

Let’s find out what does your pictorial choice here reveals about you.

Choose any card out of these 4 cards

1. If you choose “Ace of Hearts”

Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

If you pick this beautiful red colored symbol of love, you are definitely someone who is ruled by emotions. Heart over head always. Your priorities in life are simple. Your love for your family and friends is of prime importance to you and you can never be a pococurante.

Loyalty for you is the basis of every relationship and all you seek in return is what you deliver.

Your career too is an apt representation of your choice. You have all the heart for works which involves and oozes creativity. From interiors to fashion to a stylist to an art lover, you can fit in all these categories exceptionally well, making a mark for yourself.

2. If you choose “Ace of Spades”

Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

If your choice is a spade. You are extremely passionate and adventurous. You believe in living life to the full and not wasting a second holding on to the grudges. You believe in being at the top of the game.

Setbacks and failures can hardly deter you from your goals. You take them as motivation to move a level up learning the lessons and soaking in the wisdom. Black also makes for one of your preferred color choices. It represents the class and magnetism your personality holds.

You prefer keeping your talks, relationships and choices simple. Complexity is a Big turnoff for you.

You have a fond love for power, yet not the power which is full of greed.

Your choices and thoughts are very well suited for a career that stems out of a vocation or a particular training.

All successful lawyers, doctors, architects, and builders would find themselves glued to this one.

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3. If you choose “Ace of Clubs”

Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

If you choose a club, you are one of a kind. Complex yet calm.

If there are two ways of solving a problem, you won’t ever pick the easy one. A challenge to solve another challenge? Well, why not. Yes, that’s you. You won’t reach a conclusion until you have tried your hands on the various options available. You believe in the power of practicality and rational decision making.

You tend to be the one with a fond love for power and people and when these two are combined, a politician is definitely born.

Well, law and politics are definitely the best-suited lines for you.

Why not, you are never the one to just have a plan A. A person as farsighted as you always keep a blueprint for different plans ready. Diversification of time and money is definitely your goal in life.

4. If you choose “Ace of Diamonds”

Choose A Card and See What It Says About Your Personality

If this is what you chose in a blink, then I have to first appreciate you for the razor-sharp memory you possess.

Reading and learning fascinate you the most. Sharp and crisp dressings attract you the most. You like things neat, clean and tidy. You make sure whatever you do, you give it your best shot always. Setbacks never bog you down, instead, you use them as a stepping stone in life. You have a gifted ability to see both sides of the coin and then take a decision.

What you should avoid is taking hasty decisions in life. You need to work on your aggression and remember what is done in aggression can never be undone. Calm is the best kind of accessory one can ever own. So master it and Rock it.

You will do great in all kinds of work which requires getting into intricacies and concentration. You make the best of mathematicians, engineers, pilots, and directors.

Well no matter what you do in life, if you do it with all your heart and soul you are destined to rock it.


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