How It Feels Like To Be A Muslim In India

Indian Muslims
Muslim in India


The unique thing of being Indian is that “it is Nationalism, not religion, which makes India as a nation”.

People living in India, if they are Indian, they are INDIAN first than Muslim, Hindu or christian. India is a nation rich with diverse cultures, religions and people. Muslims are often stereotyped and misunderstood in our country India. Not all Muslims are orthodox, fanatics or extremists.  Every Muslim woman doesn’t have to wear a Burkha or Hijab.

On the occasion of last day of Ramadan, following the auspicious Eid, Being Indian shared a video titled The Indian Muslim, which shows various Muslims talking about Ramadan, Islam and how it feels like to be a Muslim in India.

This heart touching video is a must watch. Lets throw out all the hates against each other and celebrate this Eid together. Watch this video to understand this religion and Muslims better.