S*xual Nature of Each Zodiac Sign You Should Know

Every individual is different. All of them have different perceptions and taste. s*xual compatibility also varies from one person to another but what is the basic nature of each Zodiac Sign is something everyone should know. Everyone wants to have their best experience or ‘perform’ their best. So we have brought together the two most trending topics – s*x and Astrology together to expand your knowledge. We’ll enlighten you on how to understand the s*xual preferences of your love partner and yourself.

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1. Aries

Zodiac Sign

They’re the most passionate lovers. For them, kissing is the deal breaker. Lovemaking for them is a challenge they need to excel at. They love romantic words, long loving hugs. Everything! They’re a little selfish though. They want their needs to be satisfied first and their partners later. Don’t fret though, Aries partner is always in for surprises.

2. Taurus

Zodiac Sign

Their mantra is- slow and steady wins the race. They like to take things slow because for them, that’s more intimate. They like to be ‘dominated’. It takes a lot of time to arouse them but when they are, you are in for a great ride!

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3. Gemini

Zodiac Sign

They get bored easily so for them what you need to have- Creativity! They adore that. They want all the attention. An amazing conversation and little touching here and there make them go nuts! Verbal flirting is better than physical flirting for them.

4. Cancer

Zodiac Sign

They just love expressing their love. They’re emotional and tender creatures. They like soft kisses, nibbles in their ear, caressing them with love. For them, cuddles are far more sensual than anything else. Cancer partners should know they are in for a long haul with you.

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Written by Kasvi Verma

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