Shades Of Having Partner Who Is A Lawyer

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Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feeling. The strange thing about dating a lawyer is there’s not just one strange thing. There are many strange things. Lawyers are creatures who think differently, do things differently.

Following are some points that should be kept in mind if you want your partner to be lawyer, Here are shades of having partner who is a lawyer :

1.You will never win an argument, NEVER.

This is 100% true. Lawyers don’t concede a loss. This is not up for debate. It’s a fact. So choose your words wisely while having a conversation with them. Do not hurt their ego and never make fun of their profession. They might end up screwing your case.

©Thinkstock/Getty images
©Thinkstock/Getty images

2. The dry cleaning bill will make you weep.

With all those suits come massive dry cleaning bills. If you are a wife of a lawyer and while reading this you might be imagining your situation.

©Happy new year


3. He is a party person

Different shades of having partner who is a lawyer comes true when it comes to the party. Grab your dancing shoes because lawyers throw some fancy parties. Whether it’s a holiday party or a summer bash.

© Unsplash
© Unsplash
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4. She is a confident women

If you are girl is lawyer then she is definitely hot and intelligent. Can say beauty with brain. You can be proud of her. Your kids will never have problem in subject like civics and history. She will be much more confident in comparison to other girls.

©Gif's via tumblr
©Gif’s via tumblr


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His spontaneity will blow your mind 

5. Awesome memorizing skill

He will never turn you down on your birthday because lawyers have a really good memory. He’ll even remember your mother’s sister’s brother in law’s uncle’s anniversary, birthdays.

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© HR photoshoot

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6.No need to be a shopaholic

You don’t need to think too much while shopping for your partner if he/she is lawyer. Black is the colour which can go with any of the occasion.


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7. Very Punctual

© Stock.Xhange
© Stock.Xhange

Lawyers are very punctual in their life. So they will never make you wait on any occasion, whether it is going on date or going in your friends birthday parties. He will be there on time.

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