What a Man Likes in Woman Reveals A lot About His Personality

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Attraction is the very beginning of every relationship that isn’t blood.

Your friends are your chosen family and so is that special someone whom you would want to be a part of your burrow.

Well, the beginning of knowing someone in and out takes place only if you are attracted to that person. Be it the vibes, the aura, the confidence or the looks, it can be anything and many other things that attract people towards each other. 

Let’s find out what the choices of men reveal about their personality:

If he falls for your eyes

Men, who find the eyes of a woman to be her most attractive jewel is definitely the one who falls for her soul rather than her body. Yes, it’s wisely said, “eyes are the doorways to your heart.” A man falling for beautiful eyes, definitely have seen the deeper, stronger and the beautiful you within. Such men have gracefully aged to be called a MAN and not a hunk. He will love you, respect you and treat you the way a woman should be treated. Hold on to him.

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If he falls for your smile

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If a man falls for your smile, remember he is one happy soul who stays happy and would keep her woman happy with that smile on that swept him off his feet.

He is a thorough gentleman who loves happy people and happy places. He loves to discuss food, places, and cricket. He can be a man you would love to spend your life with. Your smile is a doorway to your aura. The bigger and brighter, the better. Did you just look into the mirror to check yours?

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Caught you(wink)

A man who falls for your hair

Well, a man who falls for your hair is definitely a risky game. He can be as slippery as your smooth and Shiney hair. You wouldn’t enjoy those deep conversations with him for is definitely not the one to enjoy long talks. His choices switch quite often and he gets bored too easily. Afterall there are so many gorgeous women around with the luscious long locks. Keeping him glued can be one task for you. I don’t say it’s a No No, but then it can be a tough game at your own risk. You might not be the one enjoying your relationship but the one who is insecure about your man all the time.

So if you can tick all the points mentioned above, you can surely keep him glued and wooed all the time. If the man is slippery, you have to be the glue to make him stick around.

A man who falls for your body

Well, you just found yourself in the arms of a Casanova. He is definitely a good-looking man who sets the heart of many, throbbing. He will love you as long as you can hold on to and maintain that good body of yours but what next? Well, a new woman with a better body of course. Some things fade away with age. So why not age gracefully. How do you do that? Well, work on maintaining and grooming a good soul within just the way you would do for your body. Both are eventually equally important, but a good soul would definitely get you a gentleman, a good body might get you both if you have an excellent luck. Date a man who you would proudly be able to boast about in front your father. A man who falls for your body will definitely fall short for the boost. He can definitely be the one who attracts your attention, but never the one who will conquer your heart.


Stay guarded ladies.

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Shivani Bajaj Mehta
Shivani Bajaj Mehta
A lawyer by profession. Author/writer by passion. Certified Angel card reader. Certified crystal ball gazer. Certified in NUMEROLOGY. Certified Coach.

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