What is so special about people who Prefer and love their own company

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Solitude or whatever you may call it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

While some call it a get away from their soul with their own mind and body, some can never even imagine spending a day alone. 

But the truth is people who can develop the art of living their own company and spending some time in self-awareness and self-realization are the best and the happiest people you will ever come across.

What makes them extremely special?

People who have a high self-esteem, are the ones to build the strongest relationships:

It’s not just a proverb that stays in your mind but definitely the one that sinks deeper- ‘Love Yourself The Way, you would want someone else to love you”.

If you can’t love yourself enough to estrange yourself from a dead relationship or a negative company, how do you expect people around you to do the same for you?  People who love and respect themselves enough to walk away from whatever is bringing them down have mastered the art of self-awareness. So shall be the awareness in them for those who matter to them.

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People who manage at least an hour to themselves every day are the most lit people: 

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Yes, a person who contains a deep urge to at least devote an hour to themselves every day are the brightest.

They have mastered the very famous saying “You Cant Pour From An Empty Cup.”

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Their me time is the refill they need every day. They make sure to nurture themselves so that they can nurture the ones they love. Have you been doing that? Well, if not take notes now!

People who speak less and stay in solitude every day for few minutes are grown up enough to never pick fights or arguments:

People who have a deep love for their self-growth rituals are the ones who never get into arguments and fights. They have a sense of calm you will never get to see easily. You will never find such people explaining or proving themselves to anyone around. They prefer keeping things and opinions to themselves until they have been asked to give one. They chose short crisp but strong words to convert their viewpoints. They believe in the power of silence, for what loud words can never convey, silence will definitely do and with a stronger impact.

Such people are great listeners:

Listening to what the world has to say to you, requires not only a great deal of patience but also the ability to cutting down on the curiosity of sharing instant reviews and opinions. For a lot of us can master the former, more than half of us fail in the latter attempt. But the ones who master solitude are the ones who master being the best listeners because their love for peace and the calmness they have achieved is greater than winning any debacle. 

If you find yourself in the company of someone who talks about the love of solitude, stick around and poke them to gather some pieces of this wisdom, for what comes after this is the greatest victory for mankind.

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Shivani Bajaj Mehta
Shivani Bajaj Mehta
A lawyer by profession. Author/writer by passion. Certified Angel card reader. Certified crystal ball gazer. Certified in NUMEROLOGY. Certified Coach.

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