What Makes Women Fall In Love With Engineers

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They do have a life beyond books and machines and they are not ‘desperate’. They just adore the beautiful creation of God called ‘girls’.

Below are some reasons which say that engineer guy are too much adorable and date-able and what makes women fall in love with engineers


They always come up with something new. His gifting ideas will be different in comparison to other guys.  

Cards and flowers are so common. Engineer prefers to go different. He can surprise with some of those unique ideas which you usually read on internet and wish to come true. Their approach to dating is awesome. They want to get it right the first time!


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Their talent and hobbies are just so sexy.

If you’re a type of girl who want her Mr Perfect to propose her who have a rugged voice, holding a guitar and singing for you, Go hunt for an engineer. They are ultimately good at this. Almost all of them have a creative side to them – they are singers, writers, poets, musicians, guitarists, dancers! How can you not fall for a multi-talented person?

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No insecurity

No worries of being cheated. Be tension free. If an engineers find the correct life partner then they will give 100% to the relationship. he will make all efforts to keep you happy.



Their knowledge of gadgets.

You don’t need to read on Google about the specification and recommendations from user before buying a new laptop or mobile. Your man is just a call away. Sometimes his knowledge of gadgets is so cool that can end up impressing you. He can help you code your blog and fix all your tech troubles, for that matter. You really don’t need anyone else once you have an engineer

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