Workplace Stress And Wellness – Why Does It Demand Your Attention


Everyone who is working in the corporate, at some point, feels extremely burdened and stressed. This happens with even those people who love what they do. Workplace stress is the term that has serious implications. At short term, every day is a challenge. To survive through workload then office politics at times becomes overwhelming. This hurts both the physical and mental well-being of a person.

Chronic Workplace Stress

Nearly half the employees in India suffer from some kind of stress. Also, the proportion of workers at high risk of suicide due to unmanaged stress has grown twofold. (Source: Economic Times, 2018)
In addition to the hectic schedule, employees are overburdened with work. Many jobholders are unable to take care of themselves, balance work and family, which is ultimately leading to extreme frustration, anxiety and even depression at times.

Reasons For Workplace Stress

There are many factors that affect employees. Some of them are as:

  • Workload demands – It can both overload and under load. Overloaded with work means more work in limited time. This leads to stress on the mind. Under-load situations are when there is less work given. This leads to employee questioning himself about his capabilities. Both situations lead to stress.
  • Lack of Authority – Many times, the employee is not given authority over his work. This leads to others criticizing his work or his ideas are not considered which leads to frustration.
  • Minimal support from management – Any employee facing problem will go the management to seek a remedy. In many cases when the pleas of the employee remain unheard and not paid attention to, the employee feels disheartened. This also leads to stress building.
  • Role Ambiguity – In many situations, when the work, the job descriptions, and the employee’s role and status in the organization structure are not clear. In such situations, the employee may get demotivated to work. When this situation is not solved, the demotivated employee may feel stressed and anxious.
  • Work-life balance issues – This happens with the employee who has a family to take care. Excess of workload, no leaves and bad HR practices in the organization may affect the personal life of the employee. This issue leads to employee always remaining frustrated and also might land him into depression.
  • Poor relationships at the workplace – Workplace relations play an important role in boosting the morale of an employee. The management needs to focus on creating good communication and relationships amongst employees. If this does not happen, the inner zeal to work reduces and every day becomes a challenge.
  • Constant criticism – If an employee is constantly criticized for every work and that too many times in front of many people, it lowers the morale to work better. If the management and bosses do not believe in constructive criticism and constantly denies the ideas of an employee, it lowers self-esteem and confidence. This leads to stress.
  • Long hours of strain on eyes – With the advancement in technology and computerized work, every employee has constant interaction with the computer screens. This leads to strain on the eyes which is leading to eye problems.

The need for Workplace wellness

Corporate wellness has become the ‘need of the hour.’ The need is growing extensively due to the excessive stress and strenuous labor that employees are expected to provide in their offices, and sometimes, even after going back home.
The issue of stress is growing at a fast rate and now some stringent methods to remove it are necessary. There are many employees and wellness programs run at various health and wellness retreats which by naturopathy and natural methods are benefiting people with their treatments.

Workplace Stress And Wellness – Why Does It Demand Your Attention

10 Benefits of Corporate and Employee Wellness Programs

There are many benefits of the wellness programs which are run at best naturopathy and wellness retreats in India. They are as:

1. Increased productivity at the workplace

The wellness program leads to productivity at the workplace due to the physical and mental stimulation that is revised with the help of different naturopathic treatments.
Effective diet therapies help to restore physical fitness and to filter the system. Employees are also given a timely massage, especially in areas where they have immense pain and strain. Employees are also put to a cardio gym and other types of exercises to help them stay fit. This uplifts their health and enables them to perform in a strong manner in their work environment which leads to increased productivity.

2. Improved performance and positive attitude

With the help of employee wellness programs, employees are able to adhere to their physical and mental health. Employees are encouraged to indulge in meditation, Yoga and regular interactive exercises that release their mental stress thereby allowing them to breathe the air of positivity around them. This helps them to feel fresh and improvise their performance at the office.

3. The reduced instance of leaves due to health problems

Many times, employers fail to understand why their employees indulge in regular leaves. Employees have a record for working with deteriorated mind and body health which eventually worsens their condition compelling them to increase the instance of leaves due to health problems.
This problem gets solved with very quick and easy methods through employee wellness programs.

4. Better recovery from injuries and diseases

For all those employees who are undergoing pain due to certain injuries and diseases, there is a cure for them as well.
In the corporate wellness program, you are sure to find several recovery methods from injuries and diseases that are provided in naturopathic forms. Ayurvedic medicines are also provided in such cases to relax the body and reduce the pain. They also provide a cure for different forms of diseases such as lifestyle, endocrine and even respiratory.

5. Reduced workplace stress and conflicts

Employee wellness programs also help in reducing the ultimate workplace stress and conflicts by simple methods that consist of natural treating. Physiotherapy to relax the body, Yoga for a rejuvenated mind and many other types of beautiful and serene exercises are utilized to do this.

6. Improved job satisfaction amongst employees

In order to provide employees with improvised job satisfaction, it is important to allow them to help them cope with their mental stress by providing them exercises and therapies that relax their minds. This is why they are made to undergo diet therapies, massage therapy, spine bath and more that eventually help in resting their body and mind.
This, in turn, helps them to feel thoroughly satisfied with their job at the workplace and thus employee wellness programs do succeed.

7. Improves staff retention as employees feel the organization cares for them

This is another very good thing that can be expected when you seek for employee wellness programs. They indulge you in various activities and you can feel all relaxed up again.

8. Increases work speed

An exhausted body is often the result of excessive work, stress and more. When you seek employee wellness programs, you will notice that the different exercises, gym work, and therapies you undergo, will only help you to increase your speed and impress everybody in the workplace. This will also help you to complete your work on time and balance your household better.

9. Helps in promotion

When your work speed increases, productivity at workplace improvises and you provide quality services to your office, there are many chances for you to get promoted to a higher post, at the workplace.

10. Helps in maintaining work and family better

Employee wellness programs also thoroughly help in maintaining a balance between work and family altogether.


The topic of workplace stress might be general but the wellness options available might be something new for you. Even if you are not a corporate person but stress frustrates you, wellness and naturopathy treatments will always be the solution. Knowing about these will definitely help the employees and organizations to transform the mental and physical well-being and help heal the world.

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