5 Tips To Combat Anxiety During COVID19

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“The time of uncertainty causes panic, fret, and anxiety, the solution of which lies in the soul of mighty”

Who knew that a virus so strong would attack people across the globe and push everyone into their homes! With thousands of people with a scarcity of resources still staying in worrisome conditions, far from their family and abode, a haven is just a dream.

You can be a student stuck abroad or a person with a job which restrains traveling to home, or anyone who is just not in the right place. This sudden pandemic that has hit us like a truck and if you are anyone among those, who are facing anxiety (which probably is common keeping in mind the circumstances), I am truly proud of you. You have survived the worst and in the coming time, you are going to rock!

Why did I say anxiety is common?

Why did i say anxiety is common

The pandemic has led towards the cancellation of various plans: from marriages to business. While many face anxieties staying in their homes, many are also facing the worst time at their homes. According to The Hindu, domestic violence cases were at 10 years high during the lockdown.

In such situations, anxiety and other mental issues are really common. Are you looking for a safe dome? Well, this read will surely help you. I’ve compiled some best ways to help you beat the anxiety and keep your mental health in check. These tips might not end your issues but will minimize them.

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Top Tips for Combating Anxiety & Related Issues

Let’s quickly jump to the listicle! 😉

1. Breathe Freshness!

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While this might seem a little silly to you, it truly is not. “Inhale optimism and exhale worries” is what my parents told me and when practically done, I felt relieved. Anxiety does not demand happiness, it demands relief from negative thoughts that act as a weed in your mind.

Wake up when most people are dozing in their dreams, go out of your house/in the balcony, close your eyes, and just let the freshness get into your body and ooze relief to your soul!

2. Practice Meditation and Yoga

You might have read various benefits of yoga and meditation and I won’t bore you with the same (although, they all are true). I say this with my personal experience that it would demand a bit push from your end for a week, but after that, you’ll just love the whole process!

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Start your YouTube and look for the best meditation music/video. Other than that, there are various applications like cure fit, where you can log in and get access to daily classes.

3. Be Mindful


Mindfulness is the process where a human is completely aware of one’s action and is reflective. When you are completely aware of your present, your thoughts and actions, your sensations, and the environment, nothing can impact you. Multiple types of research have shown that when one is mindful, anxiety tends to repel that person!

It might take time, but when you focus on the present rather than crying about the past, you can ensure that your future is less painful. To practice it, YOU NEED TO BE AWARE!

The past is blame and the future is a responsibility and today is a choice that you need to make.

Some of the tips to practice mindfulness are:

  • Be in the moment and don’t think over it.
  • Relish the food that you are eating, think about its taste, its texture and enjoy every element
  • See how your body feels while exercising or even bathing and focus on those sensations

It’s all about making full of every action and its real impact on you!

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4. Maintain A Routine

One might not even notice, but a disciplined routine can do wonders. I am not suggesting you make a time table but you might want to fix a time for some of the activities. Mindless actions led to nothing.

Stop that binge-watching and instead shift toward creating something; even if it’s the silliest drawing that you can make. Sleep on time and, even if sleep doesn’t knock your eyes, keep lying, and give your body the rest it deserves. Eat at a fixed time which is also said to help your physical health.

A routine fixates your mind and helps in reducing overthinking and anxiety!

5. Create A Gratitude Journal

Create A Gratitude Journal

This might shock some, but maintaining a diary is helpful. You don’t need the best handwriting or the best words, but you need a place to vent out. Now, rather than writing what all negative happened, pen everything satisfying that happened.

The sole act that you could open your eyes and witness another morning, or the fact that you are not on a hospital bed on a ventilator but in a bed all healthy is a big thing.

Start focusing on the right things and just list five things that you are grateful for. After some weeks, you will realize that your brain is scanning for good things and has bid adieu to all negative issues.


Anxiety is obvious, and so is adopting a lifestyle that uplifts your soul. These tips are simple yet effective and are from my personal experiences. You might consult a psychologist if your issues are growing but these are surely going to support your mental well-being!

The practice is the key so don’t just read, but DO!

Stay healthy, stay cool!

See you around!

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Harshita Godawat
Harshita Godawat
I am a budding writer trying to make a difference by my blogs. The world has become excessively competitive and to be fit for survival is necessary. Travelling to different places gives me the idea of what one can do to stay fit; mentally and physically. I write to help people with new places that might heal them. Hope it would help you!

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