7 Weird Things People Have Done in Their Sleep

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In general, people enjoy the time when they crawl into the bed and perhaps relax and fall into the sleep. But there are certain guys who may not be lucky enough to get the desired sleep. They face a lot of hardships while sleeping such as nightmares, insomnia, night sweats to name a few. In addition to these, some people do some weird things as well during their sleep such as sleep driving to sleepwalking. So, here are the 7 weird things people have done in their sleep.

1) Homicidal Somnambulism

It is known as sleepwalking murder in which a person kills someone while he/she is sleepwalking. Kenneth Parks case is the most famous one in which he murdered his mother-in-law in while he was sleepwalking.

2) Emailing someone in sleep

This is one of the weird things people do in their sleep. A 40-year-old women sent a countless number of emails to her friends while she was in her sleep.

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It is known as the eating disorder during the sleep in which you keep on eating while you are sleeping. People who are suffering from the following disorder don’t tend to remember about their activities and perhaps what they are eating.

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4) Sleepwalking artist

Many people due to the disorder tend to draw painting while they are sleeping. An artist Lee Hadwin from north wales starting painting and drawing while he was in sleep. He says that he doesn’t remember the painting that he made during the sleep and he cannot replicate the work that he did.

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5) Getting intimate with strangers

This also is a very known disorder which happens while you are sleeping. In the following condition, you start to make out with strangers while you are sleeping. This condition is known as sexsomnia and once you wake up you don’t realize intimate activities that you did.


6) Sleep cooking

Sleep cooking is also one of the sleeping disorder which can occur to individuals. In the following condition, you tend to start cooking while you are in sleep. It has been seen that people tend to boil water, start the gas stove or do some activities in the microwave oven. Like in the above points, they fail to remember the activities that they did.

7) Sleep driving

You may not believe but some people tend to start driving even in their sleep. When the following scenario happens, they tend to sleepwalk to the car and start driving. Once, they are awake, they don’t remember the activities.


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