Amazing Qualities of Women That Men Can’t Resist

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Preferences are different everywhere, but also there are some of the qualities of women that men notice unconsciously. The research has been done on the qualities of different people in various countries and has come to this conclusion.

1) Voice

Not only men, everyone prefers a voice that is of feminist. This is one of the essential qualities which can either or break the image of a person. This is the nature which is innate, and not much can be done if someone wants to change this. If talk about preference, Marilyn Monroe’s is very much opposed to the squeaky voice like Kim Kardashian.


2) Height

It is usually common that taller men prefer women with shorter height while the shorter ones want the ones with the same height.

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3) Age

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Usually, men choose the partner who is younger than them. But, the recent study has shown that men after 30 and before 20 select the women between the age of 24 and 27 years as their sexual partners. The reason behind this is the period in which women become mothers mostly.

4) Color of the eye

Most of the men get attracted to the women who have same eye color because they want their baby of same colored eyes. Though, this might not happen usually.

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5) Make-up

This is one of the confusing qualities. In this, the complicated thing is that women themselves don’t like the heavy makeup, but they do have the misconception that men prefer that only so they end up doing the high makeup. On the other hand, men only like the women with less makeup on, nothing extra.

6) Hip – Waist ratio

The perfect ratio is 0.7. You may calculate it by measuring the hips and waist, and then divide the circumference of waist with the hips. Women who have this ideal ratio find these women attractive.

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7) Limbal rings

They are available easily in the eyes of women who have a light color. They are the black borders which are around the iris. These rings are preferred by men. Even the scientists have found that younger people have full limbal rings.

8) Hair color

It is essential because men get attracted to how the color looks with the skin color. The study has shown that blonde hair is preferred the most. After this comes, the brunette and in the last comes red hair which is less attractive.

9) Long legs

Men are more attracted to the legs which are shorter; liking the long ones would be contradictory. It is not only the long legs that bewitch them; it is the long ones which are proportionate to the upper part of the body.

10) Curve of lumbar

The research has found that the angle which the men find appealing, between the buttocks and back is 45.5 degree.

So, these were some of the qualities that men love but won’t say ever.

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