An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Battling Depression

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Dear Whoever reading this,

Depression is not something people want to talk about. It’s a topic that tends to be avoided, even though it’s an important conversation to have. Before you stop reading this, I know you started reading because Maybe because you are struggling with depression or simply because you are trying to understand it.

Whatever that reason maybe, I’m glad you’re here. This is the feeling that takes over a person’s life to the point where they forget how it all began. It is insidious, creeping up, and building up over time.

Little, unnoticeable things change at first, leading to bigger changes and before you know it you can’t feel yourself.  it’s a feeling when everything feels too hard. You wonder how you ever enjoyed anything at all. You wonder what other people have that you can’t get a hold of.

You find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. You drag yourself through each day. You find it difficult to go to bed at night. The low is so low that it seems to take over, overwhelming you in a way that you could not have imagined beforehand.

I know how hard it is to fight a battle where your opponent is your own self, I completely understand how every day feels like a surviving game, it’s like you’re alive but you’re not actually living; like you’re on a free fall, barely waiting for the time you hit rock bottom, or that you’ve already hit rock bottom but you just felt NUMB.

Yes, that feeling of numbness, it’s when the pain is too much that you just felt, indifferent. I know there are times that you feel like you are worthless and that no one would actually care even if you disappear into the face of the earth. Sometimes you just want to escape from everything but you just can’t, it’s like you are trapped in your own version of hell.

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For anyone reading this that can relate to all or some of what I have written, I understand that depression is not that easy to overcome, you can’t just will yourself to snap out of it, but remember that you always have control over your emotions. You are not defined by how many failures you have acquired all throughout your life but from how well you rise up despite all of. 

We think we are the only one suffering and Everyone else is just doing fine. Btw ( trust me no one is doing fine here every day everyone has its own kind of struggle) So many years of education yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves and we lose our faith so easily.

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We instantly forget that those who died yesterday had plans for this morning and those who had died in the morning had plans for tonight. my point is don’t make your life like it’s doesn’t matter at all. I know life can get mad at times, just remember you woke up today you are eating fine talking fine you can see the world.

It’s okay to complain, try talking to someone you really love and who understands you. Why you don’t think this way  I am not the embodiment of personal issues or failures. How I got here really doesn’t matter – I’m here now and what matters is what I do from this point forward.

There are things you can do to overcome this 

• Do things that will make you feel good, you can develop a new hobby, exercise, express yourself through writing, arts, or even music; channel that negativity into something productive! Do not incarcerate yourself from the world because the more you feed that negative vibe, the more you will suffer. AVOID negative thinking; it will just fuel that depression

• Allow yourself the time needed to get through this; it does take time. 

Don’t ignore your feelings. There is no magic cure, but as slowly as it developed, it can slowly get better. Before the depression, it was hard to imagine what you are going through now, just as now it is hard to imagine ever feeling better. But don’t allow not being able to imagine a better future put you off making changes now.

• As impossible as it seems to do, you need to get help from somewhere, be it your doctor, a professional, or that person that is always there trying to urge you out of this. None of these people will do it perfectly, but they will support you, and you need to allow that to happen. There is always resistance, and sometimes the biggest battle can be making that choice to allow others to help.

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Finally, I hope this gets easier for you.  My inbox is always open for anyone who is struggling and wanna talk about it. All you have to do is to trust me with your feelings I will try my best to make things easy for you.

Much love,

Ayesha Siddiqa.

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Ayesha Siddiqa
Ayesha Siddiqa
I am a passionate mental health advocate and a final year Bachelor’s student in psychology. I talk about personal growth, parental issues, women rights, transgender rights, social issues, and mental health.

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