How To Deal With Panic Attack

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The release of excessive levels of adrenaline drowning you into the state of fear and anxiety considering it a heart attack, or any serious condition without the existence of any threat itself or danger is what a panic attack is. Panic attacks are instantaneous and the fear is overwhelming. They usually last for a few minutes, but they can have a huge impact on not only your physical but primarily on your emotional health as well.

The reasons behind the panic attacks can be genetic or major stress levels. Typically, there is no obvious cause.
But they are random and sudden. Symptoms of panic attacks are not pleasant and includes sweating, chest pain, shaking, numbness or dizziness.

It is reported that 31% of females and 37% of males are going through anxiety disorders in 2020.

Now, How To Deal With It:

⦁ Use Deep Breathing:

First and foremost, make sure you’re safe and not crossing the road or driving or anything that can make it worst. Deal with the panic attack with slow and deep breathing. People normally hyperventilate during these attacks. Make sure your breathing flow is stable. Your stomach must expand and you should breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 2 seconds and breathing out through your mouth for 4 seconds.

⦁ Allow your brain to accept it’s a Panic attack:

Assuming you are having a heart attack, or you may die will make the attack not only worse but will never help you get out of it. Therefore, allow your brain to accept the fact that it’s just a panic attack you are well aware of and it will not last forever.

Moreover, give yourself positive copying statements like;

  • It’s just anxiety hitting hard.
  • It’s not dangerous or harmful.
  • It will not last forever.
  • Should immediately overcome it instead of escaping from it.
  • You are not going to faint or dye obviously.

A professor from the University of Bath, Mr. Paul Salkovskis Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Sciences says, “It’s important not to give the control of your body to the fear of panic attacks.”
Watch this Video for an Explanation of Anxiety and Panic attacks

⦁ Switch your focused:

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When in a state of a panic attack, don’t let pessimism or negative thoughts drive you out of control. Switch your focus. Try to visualize something you adore. It could be anything. An object near you, its color, dimension. Or just a beautiful memory to cherish. It is however pertinent to mention that whatever you imagine must be relaxing and calming, and not memory with high-pitched sounds. This will help you not only to subside the anxiety but also to learn how to overcome it and improve it gradually.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT can be great therapy for panic disorders and anxiety.

⦁ Talk to your loved one:

Talking to your friend or loved one can help to subside the panic attack. The symptoms of it may start to slowly disappear once you start a conversation with a dear one. This gives your brain signals that you have people in your life whom you love and a feeling of being blessed will prevail in your heart, thereby switching the focus.


⦁ Consult a psychiatrist:

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Make sure you start treatments once you realize you are the victim of panic attacks. Doctors will choose the psychotherapy, or medications, whichever route they think is appropriate to deal with the panic attacks you have. Be consistent with the medication/therapies and, also have patience. It takes time.

Check for diagnoses or peer support near you.

⦁ Put Lavender essential oil:

Put lavender oil on your elbows or wrist as it has been considered as an efficient treatment for panic or anxiety disorders giving an exceptionally calming and soothing effect

⦁ Use Exercises:

Engross yourself in exercise. Studies show that exercising increases your endorphin levels which helps a great deal in not only lifting your mood but can efficiently treat stress and depression better than any medicine. Try light exercises and muscle relaxation. Moving your fingers and some of your body parts slowly will help you get control of it. Experts suggest doing aerobics, saying it will release stress.

Brain and body are correlated. Thus boosting up endorphin levels will relax your mind and your body will feel stress-free simultaneously.

panic attacks

Where dos play their role significantly, don’t must not be left out.

Some don’t you must consider:

  • Firstly, DO NOT try to escape from this situation. You need to overcome it and treat it. Escaping from it will make you immerse yourself into the attack even more. Also do not flee from conditions or atmosphere that gives you anxiety. Remember, you have to fight through it and emerge yourself even stronger.
  • Secondly, DO NOT try all you’ve read somewhere or every suggestion people give you. Applying everything you’re aware of will drive you more into it. Be patient and keep on trying things that you feel are easy and work for you. You should refrain from the trick that doesn’t work for you and you cannot change.
    Results are gradual but, you want them to be effective instead of confronting your brain that you have tried almost everything.
    Be focused and invest your time making yourself not only better but strong.
  • Thirdly, educate your brain that there are so many people in the world who are victims of these panic attacks and you are not alone. There are a lot of medications and therapies available to treat panic disorders and anxiety. Out of 7.8 Billion population, there are so many that have gone through this at some point in their life.
panic attack

To conclude, try to be active and catch all signals your body reflects. Start with deep breathing and don’t hyperventilate. The primary concern should be your immediate actions to overcome it proceeding with the long-term cures that include exercises to relieve stress and medications and therapies by a good psychiatrist to help in the long run.
Don’t escape from it and train your brain to be patient and stay away from negative people and negative thoughts.

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Sagar Mantry
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