How To Spot An Alpha Male

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Maybe you’re looking to date an alpha male. Maybe you’re looking for an alpha male mentor. Maybe you’re asking yourself “am i an alpha male?”

Whatever you are looking for, here are the 5 signs of an alpha male so that you can easily spot an alpha male when you meet one.

He loves competition

You’ll notice that alpha males love competing in whatever they do:

  1. Golf (e.g. Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Brooks Koepka, etc.)
  2. Gamblig (e.g. Justin Bonomo, Daniel Negreanu, Eric Seidel, etc.)
  3. Soccer (e.g. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, etc.)
  4. Racing (e.g. Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Ryan Blaney, etc.)
  5. CEO’s (e.g. Satya Nadella, Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, etc.)

They love competing because they want to dominate others, whether it’ll be in sports, real estate or picking up women. 

If you’re looking to find an alpha male to date, ask yourself: does this guy like to compete or does he whine the moment things start to get hard? If he’s always complaining about how hard things are, he’s probably a beta male.

On the other hand, he doesn’t compete when there’s no competition i.e. you tell an alpha male that you bought an expensive watch, he won’t one-up you by telling you that he bought two!

He talks confidently 

This is by far the easiest way to spot an alpha male: while talking to him ask yourself if he’s talking in a confident way:

  1. Does he pause while speaking or does he sound pressured to talk?
  2. Does he breathe or does he run through sentences?
  3. Does he mix in filler words like: uhm, you know, just, literally, kinda, er, ah, I mean, okay… or does he think before he talks?
  4. Does he sound high pitched?
  5. Does his voice sound nasally? 
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Additionally, you’ll also notice that an alpha male generally talks less than others. He’ll encourage you to talk about yourself while listening intently.

If you find yourself using unnecessary filler words or talking too quickly, always remember to:

  1. Breathe 
  2. Realize that people want to hear your voice clearly
  3. Pause between sentences 

Practice this over 2-3 months and you’ll find yourself sounding more alpha than ever!


He’s interdependent 

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The alpha male does not live in his moms basement. He doesn’t call his dad every couple days for some allowance cash. 

He doesn’t need his parents because as an alpha male, he’s interdependent

He’s not dependent!

He’s not independent!

He’s interdependent which means he doesn’t need anyone’s money, but he chooses to work with people. He doesn’t need anyone’s love, but he chooses to love his family and friends. 

This is the right balance that everyone needs to work towards.

He knows himself

What does it mean that an alpha male knows himself? It means:

  1. He knows his strengths
  2. He knows his weaknesses 
  3. He knows his values
  4. He knows his beliefs

And because he knows himself so well, he’s got an internal frame i.e. an internal locus of control which means:

  1. He doesn’t let himself get pushed around by others
  2. He doesn’t do favors just to gain approval
  3. He lives life on his own terms even if other people don’t like it
  4. He doesn’t need to brag about himself

But more importantly, because he knows himself so well, he exudes natural confidence, unlike the forced, beta male confidence which makes everyone feel uncomfortable because it’s so inauthentic.

He earns the respect of his peers

The fifth way to spot an alpha male is to pay attention to his peers and see how they interact with him:

  1. Do they respect him or joke about him constantly?
  2. Do they stay quiet while he’s talking and avoid talking over him?
  3. Are his friends happy to help him out or make excuses when he needs a helping hand?
  4. When planning a trip or a business deal, is he automatically selected as the leader or is he brushed aside?

You’ll always notice that alpha males are the natural leaders and assume authority without forcing anyone to listen to him.


As mentioned, alpha males seem like they were born with confidence and never had to work on their social skills. 

This can make many people feel downhearted or even hopeless…. 

But there’s no reason to feel that way because the truth is that everyone, including alpha males, had to work hard for their confidence and you can do the same!

If you constantly put yourself in uncomfortable situations, dress respectively and learn how to talk confidently, you’ll see big transformations in a year from now.

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