I Have Anxiety – It’s More Than Being Too Sensitive, It’s Not What It Looks Like

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I always find a hard time understanding and words to explain how I feel and what I am going through. It took me years to understand anxiety is not only sweating hands and uncontrollable heartbeat or muscle twitching.

Anxiety can be when you are working hard on a presentation memorizing each word but can’t remember anything standing right in front of the whole class and it feels like something is stuck in your throat. It’s when you know the argument but can’t speak up for your self because you suddenly feel like your words aren’t of any worth.

Anxiety is seating in exam knowing everything but somehow you are unable to convert your thoughts into words. 

How Anxiety Affects You on a Daily Basis 

Its when daily life task feels like too much. Having a strong desire to avoid people. It is accomplishing so much but still feeling the tension in every inch of your body.

It’s when you are unable to order your food or too anxious to walk alone or when you ask someone to stand next to you, when you are buying something, when you reassure someone countless times exactly the time and place where you’ll be meeting them.

It’s when you can’t enter alone in a shop because you can’t tolerate the idea of a single-person random person giving you attention or staring at you.

The Stigma Around Mental Health Makes It Harder to Deal With

 I never felt ashamed of telling people about my mental health issues rather I tried to embrace the idea that I have to achieve my goals what so ever living with them. My mental health does not define me. It does not define others. It does not make us any different as individuals. Talking about how you feel can be intimidating and you can be made to feel awkward and embarrassed. 

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It’s my typical observation that a lot of people do not realize what the anxiety is, that’s maybe a lack of their empathetic nature and knowledge or perhaps the fact that anxiety symptoms have so much variation.

People are what made me embarrassed in my life. When people act like having mental health issues is no big deal, when for you it is, It’s not always the same, sometimes it even surprises me. Ask people how their anxiety presents and what works for them but be prepared if it’s not what you expected.

Juggling With Relationships 

 I personally think The worst part about having some mental health issue is maintaining a relationship with your close ones like your parents who are usually clueless about your situation.

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Getting emotionally abused every day because of your lack of enthusiasm, certainty, and confidence is a part hard to deal with. Most parents never understand why their children do the things they do. It’s easy for them to comprehend the idea that their child is being “Dramatic” or “over-exaggerating” things. 

Anxiety Occupies Your Every Waking Moment

Each morning is a struggle. It’s as if anxiety wakes before you and waits so that when you open your eyes, it’s already there punching you in the stomach.

You have to psych yourself up to get out of bed, psych yourself up to get washed and dressed, to make breakfast, and pack your lunchbox. Practicing deep breathing through nausea, which is how your anxiety manifests itself. All the stopping you have to do to psych yourself up is so time-consuming.

Making Decisions on How to Handle Anxiety

I want others to know that there are many ways people like me cope with our stresses and anxieties in order to function and hold down their goals  It could be by going for a walk at lunchtime instead of sitting in the break room socializing, or lingering around the place before 20 minutes because the thought of being late from somewhere makes you feel uneasy

I fully accept that doing these things may seem a bit odd or unusual when no explanation accompanies them, but through doing these things it allows people like myself to stay on track.

None of us owe you an explanation about why we do these things as we are entitled to our privacy, but if you see people doing some of the things mentioned they may have a mental illness. It’s not that we are loaded with money, unsociable, – it’s that we are doing what we have to do in order to be able to function with our illnesses while accomplishing goals.

Don’t Judge – Living With Anxiety is Challenging Enough, Help Them

If you know someone like this 

Do not roll your eyes, do not sigh, and do not tell them to stop being so silly. Don’t tell them they are dumb.

If you know someone who suffers but you don’t know what to do? Just listen to them. It is so liberating to be able to talk to someone without being judged. Stigma is a really big issue and I feel this is why so many people feel they cannot talk about this

 Sometimes it’s hard to do simple things like if you can do such things without help be grateful And try to help those who need because you have no idea how much a simple help Can be a big favor for them.

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Ayesha Siddiqa
Ayesha Siddiqa
I am a passionate mental health advocate and a final year Bachelor’s student in psychology. I talk about personal growth, parental issues, women rights, transgender rights, social issues, and mental health.

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