Insecurity in Relationship ? Here’s How you can find out.

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Recognize Insecurity in relationship before it gets out of control and ends up hurting those you love.

We all fall in Love at one point in life . Psychologically ,When we are in a relationship , we become vulnerable to each other . Even the slightest of miss-communication can make you INSECURE.

Insecurity in Relationship


Here’s what hurts you in relationship:

1. Our Desires and Expectations

People in Love expect their partners to understand what they need and meet their expectations. But not all the needs are met. You need to be in control of your desires as your partner may not like it and may lead to break-up(s).

Psychologically A relationship lasts forever when Partners share their thoughts and views before getting married and understand each other.Though practically it is impossible to predict how long a relationship will last.

Insecurity in Relationship
Desire and expectations hurt in a relationship.
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When in relationship you need to stop thinking “If I do this ,then that will happen” . Stop trying to fill in the blanks and start enjoying the moments. That is where the real magic lies.

2. Jealousy

Psychological fact :- Jealousy is just a Lack of confidence and Trust.

Everyone of us go through Love failure at some time in our life . That’s how everyone of us progress and get through painful memories. Jealousy is about being afraid of what might happen ?

Insecurity in Relationship
Don’t be Jealous of your soul mate .
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Psychologists say It is impossible to predict that your partner won’t  hurt you and spending time and waiting for assurance will deteriorate your relationship.


Thrive  for encouragement, growth and personality in a relationship . Stop trying to be Jealous and create a place where both of you will have freedom to be your selves.

3. Stop being Defensive

To protect ourselves from criticism , failure and rejection ,we start being defensive . In a relationship at one point you have probably vowed to be less defensive.

Well According to recent Psychological study say : Simple self-affirmations before you enter into a relationship might be a key to your happy life.

Insecurity in Relationship
Support your Partner in all Odd’s . Live Life with Love .

Start the conversation by sharing your good qualities and what qualities you love in your partner. Appreciate others qualities and Don’t be defensive in a relationship as It might hurt both of you.

4. Avoid Arrogance in a Relationship

Line between Arrogance and Confidence is very narrow.Confidence welcomes your partners views and opinions, where as arrogance comes with a belief of being right.

Being arrogant in a relationship will spoil everything as it automatically works against your partner’s views and you try to prove them wrong .

Take effort to build confidence have considerations for others views, learn from those around you and develop respect by getting to know what is behind their opinions.

Insecurity in Relationship
Avoid Arrogance in a relationship and Please her with Roses .

Always Start by being interested in what other people are thinking.

5. Please your Partner

When you try to Please your partner , you try to care more. They stop being Insecure.Always make sure what your priorities are and what is important to sustain your relationship.

Insecurity in Relationship
Sustain your relationship.

Always be open to the fact that Insecurity will creep in your relationship at some point of life but they are many ways to avoid and be happy. So Start pleasing the person you love .


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