Two Big Reasons For People To Consult Supernatural Practitioners Online

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Corona outbreaks are spreading across the globe, forcing hundreds of millions of people to reduce their activities outside the home. Today, the Internet plays a very important role; people order food via the Internet, people hold meetings online, children go to school on their laptops and even people consult about their spiritual problems online. But the question here is why has the number of online spiritual services tended to increase in recent years? Do they really provide solutions? Why in this era of 5G do people tend to believe in psychic readings and spiritual solutions?

Objects that move inexplicably; places where people feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason; a voice that seemed to come from the underworld. Horror, ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and even elves live on social networks. This theme brings together millions of people who believe in this paranormal phenomenon or are curious about them. On Facebook there are hundreds of groups and pages related to this interest. Images with shadows or numbers behind people posing for photos, or in the open fields at night. Videos where people are seen acting in unconventional ways, as if they were owned by another creature. Photographs of houses left where silhouettes were revealed in several corners or walls. Audio with whisper phrases like “leave me alone”. All this is on the web but, of course, there is no scientific explanation.

There are many reasons for someone to develop paranormal beliefs. The most obvious is through mere cultural transmission. But how can certain situations that seem unusual be explained? However, this phenomenon must have a rational explanation, even if it is still unknown. We have examples from the past where scientific and rational reasons for a phenomenon seem absurd or even wasteful but, with the passage of time and accumulation of knowledge, they turn out to be the most convincing. A study has concluded that people who believe in psychics are exposed to biased information and associate the consequences with more causes than unbelievers, even if they don’t have evidence. This means that irrationality and superstition arise as a consequence of basic mechanisms that operate naturally in the brain and which can be considered similar to those that lead to optical illusions, for example.

There are at least two phenomena that encourage many people to contact supernatural practitioners online; Poltergeist and Future Forecast.


Many times the story begins with objects that move or change places, with lights that turn on or turn on themselves, objects that fly in the air, added to many other strange and inexplicable phenomena. If something similar happens to you, you might face a case that certainly sounds familiar to you: poltergeist. Usually we think there is a ghost or the house is haunted. But this is not always the case. Poltergeist has different triggers and often it’s not just a ghost that is to blame. In Germany, for example, a few years ago there was a case that eventually became one of the most registered in the last century. It happened in 1967, when a series of very strange events took place at a legal buffet located in the city of Rosenheim. There were bulbs that exploded, lights that swung themselves, phones that made calls without anyone touching it, and some other things that couldn’t be explained.

But it all started with the telephone: every time they made a call, there were clicks, strange interruptions between conversations, sometimes they all rang at the same time. The office manager then contacted the company that had installed the equipment. For several weeks, the technician reviewed everything but found no damage. They really changed the installation, even though the problem didn’t take long to get back. The buffet then decided to switch to another company and asked for two devices that recorded all calls. The drivers indicated that the queue, first thing in the morning, was dialing different numbers simultaneously. In five weeks, the number was contacted between 500 and 600 times.

But it did not end there: the enormous lamp suddenly went out and did not turn on again. When the electrician went to replace it, he found that the tube had wrinkled before it melted. Then the voices began and the workers were overcome with fear. The lights suddenly went out, there were pictures that turned on themselves, drawers opened, doors slammed, flying objects. The electricians came back to check everything and there they could see with their own eyes how the tubes were tangled and detached. Such was the desperation of the buffet that they called the manager of the city’s energy company to see if it was something technical. Wires, fuses and even tubes were replaced with lights. And one day in October, the tubers exploded together.

Police, technicians, journalists, physicists. They all went to investigate and witness what happened. Adam, one of the owners, suspected that there was something more in all of these situations, so he sought a parapsychologist. About forty people began to study the case with him and, after in-depth research, they concluded that the phenomenon observed had defied all laws.

Everything continued for months and there were electric shocks suffered by the employees. Investigations began to find themselves, as such, in workers. The doctor noticed that one of them seemed to have a connection with it: a young woman named Anne Marie. She was the only one who was always in the office when something happened. The specialist talked to her and performed several tests on her. To everyone’s surprise, including herself, they realized that she was a psychic with strength. After a short time she left her job and the phenomenon stopped the same day. There are many cases like this and of course there is no scientific explanation that is really satisfying, so they are still classified as what is called a poltergeist. And in many cases, people who experience this phenomenon need online spiritual consulting services. We haven’t discussed cases of possession, black magic attacks and so on.

Online Forecasters:

Forecasters can refer to people who have an intuitive ability to understand the world through the sense of sight, and to anticipate certain dreams and events. However, its most popular use is to describe individuals with extrasensory capacities that allow them to predict the future or reveal the unknown, the fortune teller. Despite defining a virtue that is not scientifically proven, there are studies that show that they have more active pineal glands than other humans; This is a famous practice and is experienced by millions of people. And the practice is now supported by Internet technology

Often people with this gift from a very young age can detect this ability to anticipate or feel something. The first phrase is feeling, hearing messages from mystical voices, having predictive dreams, and even feeling the emotions of others. When they become adults, these messages allow them to interpret present, past, or future events. There are people who naturally learn to master and interpret signs, others improve it through cardboard, astrology, zodiac, hand reading, pendulums and other tricks. We can say that we are all born with intuition and clairvoyance, sometimes we guess some things, or see some signs that others don’t. What happens is that our traditional educational methods do not encourage the development of these qualities.

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We can conclude that there are at least two reasons that encourage many people to feel the need to contact supernatural practitioners online; phenomena that cannot be explained logically and some people’s curiosity about their future. Coronavirus doesn’t stop them. Anyway, you can learn a lot from this article

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