7 Reasons To Love Winter Until The Bitter End

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Summer is all about beach dates, spring is for nice strolls around the neighborhood and winter is reserved for cozy cuddling. People love winter and thousands of quotes are there on google on “Winter Kiss” but have you ever felt your cold hand in between his warm hands? If you haven’t then what on earth are you waiting for? feel the head. That warm and secure feeling is just out of the world which cannot be described in words .

Can your partner offer his jacket to you in summers? of course not. Even he doesn’t wear them neither you feel cold in summers. Winter is all about love. The care when you are sick due to cold, offering of jacket, instead of bike rides you like walking hand in hand, sharing hot chocolate and many more. Can say that is the reason why Valentine Day is not a part of summer. In summers you go on dinner date or for movies where it can be cool and no sweating where as winter is all about day fun where you can spend more time together.

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Here’re 7 Reasons To Love Winter Until The Bitter End

The Picnic Date


Take your girl on picnic. under the blue sky and some warm rays of sun, around the greenery. make the picture of it in your mind. Picture perfect. Flask of warm water, some hot beverages, fruits, a good romantic novel. Add guitar to it if know to play it. If you find novel boring then a collection of awesome romantic movie in your laptop/tab. What more can be done to make your girl fall for you even more.

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Winter kiss is very special

One of the best reason to love winter is winter kiss. Imagine rushing in the house from the cold and kissing your man with those cold lips and getting cold nose nudges.


Hands-in-Pockets Kiss
You’re so cold. Your hands are still basically unusable in two layers of gloves. But you will not be stopped. There’s a quick peck, but you make it count and—for a split second—you’re warm all over.

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You’re Cold / He’s Warm Kiss
You can feel the snowy night. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only two people in your very own miniature world, and since there’s no one else around, he presses his toasty lips against your frozen ones and it’s like drinking a cup of hot cocoa that loves you back.

“Don’t Kiss Me, I’m Sick” Kiss
You try to warn him; “Don’t! I m suffering from cold. And i don’t want you to suffer with same.” Inevitably, he ends up kissing you anyway because he just can’t stand not to.

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Bonfire time

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Camp out with a friend who have a girlfriend too. Winter makes sitting in front of a campfire the best thing every. The warmth from the fire is just sheer bliss. Bonfire, hot coffee, romantic track, a girl in your arm. Perfect night out in winters.

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Winter walks


Go out on a walk with your partner. Trust me, those chilly winds and warm cuddles are just perfect. Add ice cream to it. It will be like icing on the cake. Everyone has ice cream in the summer but the joy of gobbling down an entire tub of ice cream in winters is just so worth it. The care he showers when he offer his coat, not caring about himself. That is too much filmy but you can’t deny that its too much romantic and you have always wanted this scene to be happened at least once in your real life too.

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Imagine snuggling on a cold winter’s morning with someone special with a warm fuzzy blanket, while looking at the world outside. This feeling only comes when the temperature drops.

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Winter brings Christmas and New year Eve


Winter brings along Santa and you get gifts regardless of being naughty or nice. Christmas brings with it awesome parties, good food and endless together time. The craziness of being together at 12 midnight on 31st Dec with your sweetheart you know it very well.

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Hot chocolate or Brownies


Picture this. Sitting by the window and reading a book and your partner feeding you hot chocolate/Brownies. Honestly summers aren’t half the fun that winters are.

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