10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time

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S3x is something that should never be exhausted and at the same time, you must be able to satisfy your partner. However, using only a particular s3x position won’t help the cause as after a certain period of time you may get bored and hence you need to try out new things so that you can add curiosity to your sexual life. So, here is the list of 10 positions that will make her orgasm every time during the s3xual encounter.

1. Spooning

In the following position, you perform s3xual encounter from the back while your partner is resting. This is profoundly a very good s3xual position as it leaves your partner with more space to wonder and hence he can give you the much-needed excitement.

10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time



2. Doggy style

This is one of the famous s3x positions that you should definitely try out on your partner. You can make use of the wedged pads, ties etc. you make your experience even more pleasurable.

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3. Missionary

Doing a missionary style doesn’t mean that your lady needs to simply lie down and you are indulged to do all the work. Rather, tell your lady to wrap her legs around your back so that she can move you closer to her and indeed add more excitement to your journey.

10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time

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4. Woman on top

This is a terrific position that can give a guaranteed orgasm to your partner. All you need to do is make your woman sit on top of you which would further enable the full entrance which both of you will certainly enjoy.

10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time


5. Reverse cowgirl

This position is certainly wonderful as it allows as it allows your lady to control the speed as well as the point during the encounter. In addition, the following position offers better entrance which can help in the orgasm.

6. Legs up

This is similar to the teaching position, however, the legs being up. Depending upon your adaptability, you can use one leg at a certain scenario until you adapt well to the process.

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7. Face to face

This move is simply exceptional in giving your partner the perfect orgasm and in the following position you move back and forward while rubbing the clitoris against him while your bosoms are placed in his mouth.

10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time

8. Kitchen table

To try out the following move, you would need a kitchen table that can be adjusted to the abdomen of your men. You would need to lie on the table having your butt close to the edge. Allow him to rub through your clitoris and further enjoy the experience.

9. Edge of heaven

To implement the following move, you would need to sit at the edge of the kitchen counter and you can make use of the lavatory counter if you are a short person. Wrap the legs around the hip of your man and further hold the neck of your partner with your arm.

10 Positions That Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time

10. Treadmill split

Put a leg on each arm of your partner and further unplug your treadmill. Moreover, give him a chance to place into you while you are suspended. This can potentially give you the best orgasm.

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