8 Compliments For Girls That Will Make Her Heart Melt

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A basic human need is to feel belonged and cared for, this applies to both men and women. Telling our partners that we love and miss them is a great way to express affection. Especially if it is a long-distance relationship then ‘I love you” and “I miss you” get quite old and lose their meaning for our partner. There are a lot of fun and touching ways to compliment a girl and make her day.

Here is a list of 8 compliments that make girls melt

1. How did I get so lucky? (to have you in my life)

It feels so good to hear that from the person you love most. It’s such a beautiful way to acknowledge how much she means to you and to make her feel special. Every time she does something nice for you, say “Wow, how did I get so lucky!?”, this for sure is going to make her blush and melt.

2. You are just adorable

This is a winner. Compliment her by saying this and it will make her heart smile. Telling a girl that she is adorable is a great way to express your feelings and make her feel special.

3. Just so you know, you’re drop-dead gorgeous without make-up, too

Telling her this when she isn’t wearing any makeup on will make her feel happy and beautiful. After all, girls love it when their partner finds them beautiful with or without makeup.

4. Non-appearance related compliments

Non -Appearance related Compliments can look like appreciating one’s work, skills, personality traits, acts, values which can be so enriching. They add value to a person’s self-worth and can motivate them to work harder and be compassionate to themselves. Non-Appearance compliments do not have to be confused with conditional love. It just means the person is appreciating you as a person and not how you look. For example; ‘I love the sound of your voice’, ‘You inspire me’, ‘You make me feel good about myself’.

5. You’re one in a million

Never miss an opportunity to tell her that she’s the only one for you and that all the other girls out there are nothing compared to her because she is one in a million. She is one of a kind and irreplaceable.

6. No one else makes me happy, the way you do

It is probably one of the sweetest things you can say to your girl. It makes her feel like she plays a major part in your life. This single line shows that her actions, her efforts, or any smallest things done by her didn’t go unnoticed. And the truth is that women are very competitive among themselves, so if you tell her that she’s the best woman ever for you, that’s a big compliment.

7. I always have a great time with you

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This particular compliment would make her feel valued and loved. When a lady knows that her man is having a good time with her she would love that so much.

8. More than anything, I want you in my life.

Express this to her that nothing else could make up for her not being in your life and she would blush and melt. You drive me crazy! (in a good way) said with the right tone, this means that she makes you feel in love and alive. And if that’s true, go ahead and tell her that. Tell her that “she just drives you crazy! Crazy in love!”.


Stick with the truth, don’t exaggerate or say what you think she wants to hear about her looks, personality, etc…Be authentic. Also, know her values, compliments that focus on what’s important to her will be more meaningful and more welcome. Avoid size-based compliments. Instead of saying, “That dress makes you look so skinny,” try, “You are rocking that dress!”.

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Ritika Matta
This is Ritika Matta, I’m a Counseling Psychologist and a writer. I am passionate about spreading mental health awareness and do the same through my work which is reflected in my blogs and articles.

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