11 Common Things That Men Find Unattractive In A Woman

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Both the genders have problems with each other. But, some of the things are there that men entirely find unattractive in women. Let’s find out.


1) Putting a lot of makeup

Everyone knows that women put makeup only for themselves and not to impress any men. But, while putting so much of it, it will look unattractive and will also keep the men away from her. So girls, make sure that excess of anything is a bad idea.

2) Over Confidence

No doubt, it is ugly too. Confidence in yourself is right, it helps to let you know your actual abilities, but when it goes beyond, it looks like a show-off. Therefore, pride and overconfidence are the things that are not adored by any men.

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3) Inability to make the healthy conversation

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This is the issue that lots of men complain about. A good relationship starts with a better discussion and knowing about each other’s interests, but most of the women fail to lead the talk, and this makes the men off.

4) Bad Hygiene

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This is applicable for both the genders. No one likes carelessness and that too if it is related to personal hygiene.


5) Talking about ex

Having a conversation about your ex with your men is something that they hate, even if you are cursing him. This shows that your ex is still on your mind. So, make sure not to discuss your ex in front of your man.

6) Being a desperate

Everyone likes to be wanted by someone, but there’s a limit to getting desperate and loving someone. If you are too needy, this will also turn off the men.

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7) Childishness which is annoying

Sometimes behaving like kid and getting childish is a cure but being that all the time is peculiar. So, better start acting maturely and not silly all the time.

8) Short Temper

Nobody likes women who lose her head while it comes to any problematic situation and she starts abusing and cursing people with her. So, remain calm and relaxed and handle the situation with ease.

9) The know it all women

Men don’t like a woman who is overconfident as well as proud. It is a total turn off, so stop being that and doesn’t act like a boss all the time.

10) Women who are invincible

When it comes to pride, men don’t like it at all. Women who behave like she knows everything is never loved by men. Better avoid acting like the one.

11) Giggling couple at extreme with hitting and touching

No men will like it if her girl will always beat him or irritate by continuously rubbing him. Girls, he needs space, so please stop doing this shit. Just be with him usually. This is also the thing that most of the men hate.

Girls seriously need to stop doing all these things now.

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