4 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship And You Should Leave It Immediately

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Yes, you are in a highly toxic relationship. You need to quit it Now.

A healthy relationship breeds beautiful people and beautiful people a soulful bond. But we often see people inside out losing their charm and the spark in their soul. If this is what is happening to you after you have been in a relationship with someone, you need to quit right now and detangle the threads that have jumbled up your simple life.

Life is meant to be lived Simply and Soulfully.

Watch out if this has been happening to you and with you,
it’s high time you call it quits.

1. Your partner checks your phone/ e-mails/ Deleted items

If this is the kind of bond you have been sharing and allowing the person to get on your nerves, You have been putting your self-esteem at stake. The very basis of a strong relationship that will last for an eternity is trust. Every relationship needs the gift of time and space to grow. If this is not happening, I can’t see a love for eternity hugging you.

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2. Your partner is too conservative to let you dress up the way you want

4 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship And You Should Leave It Immediately

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If you feel you have to dress up to please someone except your own self you are definitely in the wrong hands. A right partner will only correct you if it’s a fashion faux pas and not otherwise until struck by some kind of insecurity. If you have found yourself switching your wardrobe choices too often not because you need it, or want it but because someone else desires it, you need to switch the person. A true mate will love you for who you are. If you are way too gorgeous your partner needs to deal with that kind of splendidness around. These problem can also be solved if you take relationship counseling.

3. Your partner is insecure about your work profile, working hours and the paycheque

4 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship And You Should Leave It Immediately


If your partner can’t be happy about the fact that you are doing exceptionally well or equally well, you are living with a parasite who will slowly eat you from within. Imagine waking up to someone who won’t motivate you each day to do better in life, but would look for ways otherwise. Someone who competes with their own partner? Well, competition in a relationship is always unhealthy. If your promotions and bonuses fail to motivate your partner and is not a reason for you to be celebrating together over a glass of a champagne or a glass of wine, switch your partner for a better job offer Any Day.

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Your job will be the sole reason for your survival in this tough world. One of my favorite quotes that is definitely going to fit in here like a missing piece of a jigsaw your trying to complete is “be your own sunshine, every single day for the rest of your life.”

4. If your partner controls your well knit personal and social circle

4 Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship And You Should Leave It Immediately

The factual thing is that your BFF should become your partner’s BFF in no time. It’s okay if it takes a while for people to gel and even okay if your partner gets along really well with everyone except one or two, but you need to watch out if your partner dislikes almost everyone you have known for years and who have stood the test of time for you.

Make sure you are not amongst the fools who lose out on all precious bonds just for one.

Yes, love is blind and foolish to but let’s not defame love under the farce of our own stupidity.

A wise partner will allow you your precious time with your mates always. Understanding and appreciating each other’s need for personal space and privacy forms the basis of every strong foundation. 

It’s As simple or as complex as you make it.

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Shivani Bajaj Mehta
Shivani Bajaj Mehta
A lawyer by profession. Author/writer by passion. Certified Angel card reader. Certified crystal ball gazer. Certified in NUMEROLOGY. Certified Coach.

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