5 Things Girls Do After Breakup

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Handling a breakup is never easy, you always think of him. There are people who get out of all this very easily but others just can’t. Here are 5 Things Girls Do After Breakup.

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1.Stalk him on Social Media

Stalk him on Social Media
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You start missing him every second, every minute , every hour. You can’t stop yourself from getting to know what your ex is doing .It’s quite normal ,everybody does this after breakup .

2.Flirt with another guy

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You want to make your ex is jealous and you start start flirting with another guy .You want to make sure what he’s missed and it’s his loss .

3.Can’t control your phone

Can't control your phone
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Stalking , drunk texting – you want to make him realize it’s his mistake . [ also read : why online dating is best to find your partner ]

4.Go for a spontaneous trip

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You put up amazing pictures of your little vacation. It’s kind-off moving forward. It’s all about having fun – even without him. You change your display picture that has you looking totally awesome.

5.Shopping …shopping

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It’s universal truth, girls love shopping. After breakup they just want a new look, makeover, an entire wardrobe makeover. These are 5 things girls do after breakup.



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