5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

A chic’s gotta eat! That is as true in Dating (kind of) as it is for the life in general. There is absolutely no shame in totally fishing for a hookup, even more so during the cold winter season when it becomes a lot more pleasurable to cuddle up next to a hot body in the bed. There are a number of things you can do on your first date which can improve your chances of getting what you want at the night’s end. It begins with making sure that both of you are on the same page. You are not going to make out with someone who is not looking for it, too.

A lot of this whole “waiting until at least the third date” thingy is quite old-fashioned. That s what the cranky old people used to tell the women so that they didn’t think they were so easy. But now, it’s 2018. If sex is coming easily to you, you should, in fact, be proud about it.

You will find that there are various approaches which can help you in getting the chic to have sex with you on the first date. It is important to understand the woman you’re taking out. Some of the given methods can be more effective than the others:

1. The boyfriend – her technique

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

This particular technique is all about doing the things that ONLY the long-term boyfriend of the woman would do- someone she completely trusts! Let’s have a look at the typical first date scenario with a typical woman. You meet her at about 6 in the eve in some coffee shop. Both of you hit it off quite well. You’re at your charming best and the conversation is going very smoothly. At 8, you both get hungry and go to some restaurant for eating. Even that goes pretty well.

In case you’re really lucky, sex can happen within the month. But as what happens with the majority of guys, you’ll be waiting for months. That’s why there’s the ‘boyfriend-her’ technique.

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2. Framing the date

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed


You should look charming, relaxed, polite, confident and very important, normal. She needs to be relieved you are not a creep-show so she feels comfortable enough to get laid with you.

3. Compliment her

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

It’s a proven fact that girls love compliments. Even I personally love getting told that I am smart and funny more than being told that I am pretty or that I have great boobs. However, in all honesty, I will take what I can get.

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4. Keep the night going for as late as you can

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

If your date is ending at 10, you are probably not going to have sex. However, if it is ending at 3 am, your chances are considerably a lot better.

5. Show her how you kiss

5 Things To Do On A First Date To End Up In Bed

Kissing is the most natural prelude to having sex. Hence, you want to show the girl what you got in that department.

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