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5 Tips on How To Flirt With Girls

how to flirt with girls


How to flirt with girls ? This question is probably among the mostly asked questions in the world. There are two ways to flirt with a girl, the right way and the wrong way. But whatever way you choose, the girl immediately knows you’re hitting on her and she knows you want to go out with her. So you’re going to have to hope that her first impression of you is a good one. Here are 5 tips on how to flirt with girls.

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1. The soft stare will do wonders

How to flirt with girls
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Since the eyes can generally convey a lot of different feelings, you should put them to use whenever you flirt with girls because girls are actually hardwired by their feelings. Ideally, you should stare at a girl deeply whenever you talk to her while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression on your face. Try your best to meet her gaze, and hold it. But don’t look like a creep. See elsewhere from time to time too! This will definitely turn her on. And it will not just make her feel more comfortable in your presence, but it will instantly make her feel closer to you, as well.

2. Never show desperation while flirting with a girl

How to flirt with girls
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Nothing turns girls off more than under-confident desperation. Don’t be apologetic for taking her time (girls hate that). Don’t ping her saying “hi”. Ping her saying, “Hi Reetika! How’re you doing?” In case she doesn’t reply the first time you ping her, never use the same opening line the next time. Start by something like, “Hey Reetika! The XYZ video you’d shared was hilarious. Where did you find it?” It shows you’re not talking to her because you’re desperate, but because you’ve got something real to say. You get the point.

3. Compliment her the right way

How to flirt with girls
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If she is looking beautiful or different just compliment her. Give her a compliment about her hair, perfume and dresses. You can always compliment a girl about her tee shirt or her perfume directly, but by getting personal with it, you’re creating a memory for her. The next time she uses that perfume, she’s going to remember what you said. And that’s the first step to paving your way into her heart. Saying “your skin is so soft… does it feel the same way all over?” or “nice tee shirt. I love the way it fits your body” may seem personal, but it also borders on creepy. Save these sexual compliments for later, when she wants to hear them.


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