Commitment is huge craze. We all have feared this place once in our lifetime. It can be related to relationships or business deals or life altering transformative decisions. But why do we fear it if something top-notch result can come out if it? Why don’t you want to be whole-heartedly committed to one person? Why don’t you want to shake hands for first-class business partnership with a huge firm? Let us be your therapists and enlighten you why do you fear it.

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These are some unnerving reasons as to why do you have fear of commitment

1. Time Speculation 

fear of commitment

You strongly believe investing time in something or someone where there’s some fruitful result. Something which will make you think ‘I made the right decision about this.’ So, when you are even 1% unsure about the ‘whole package’ you just back out. You tend to look for safer options, you non-risk taking creature.

2. Waiting Is Fruitful

fear of commitment
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You are an unbelievable patient person when it comes to making decision. You have a very strict screening process for everything even if it’s a person. You believe if you WAIT, you’ll have a better opportunity in the future. Hence, you don’t commit to anything at the spur of moment. You are always looking for an upgrade. ‘Something better’ will come along is your motto.

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3. Past Experience


We have all had our share of worthless imperfect past experiences. People always say ‘Learn from your mistakes’ and you should BUT losing an opportunity every time is just going to hold you back. Don’t dwell in your past. Only because one decision about your life was wrong doesn’t mean your future should suffer. Don’t become an uptight person. Letting go and moving forward should be your new mantra.