6 Tips on How To Maintain Long Distance Relationship

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder’, is an adage people often quote when they find themselves or their dear ones committing to a long distance relationship (LDR). Long distance relationships sound scary to many and people in it or going to commit to it can frequently be at the crossroads of giving up on it.

In the age of technology LDR’s can seem quite simple, but is it as simple as it sounds?. Long distance relationships bring with it a lot of unique challenges and compromises, even when the world is coming closer with the help of video calling and the likes, long distance relationships have a distance that can be difficult to be filled.

Not a Cakewalk

LDR isn’t a piece of cake especially when you have a family with them. If LDR is troubling you a lot, click here to read this article on family counseling. It requires effort each day. It can be a frustrating experience for both the people involved in it or more so for one partner who may find it difficult to cope with. Every relationship involves two people, if only one person walks the extra mile every time, the relationship can seem to dwindle.

Long distance relationships involve prioritization of the other person and a spark from within to not let the relationship fade away.

Here are 6 Tips on How to Maintain Long Distance Relationships

1. Re-frame the situation as an opportunity

Look at this situation as an opportunity of growing together and not growing apart. Long distance relationships can be a challenging journey for both of you, see it as a test of your love for each other. LDR’s enable you to appreciate your partner more. It sets a platform for hope and a sense of control.

2. Prioritize your schedules well

Different time zones, work schedules, and geographical distance can come in the way of communication. Set a schedule that works for both of you and uses the ‘boring’ details as a point of connecting. Build a schedule and method of communication, which works for both of you.

Factors to be considered are- time and type of communication. The conversation should be organic and unrushed so choose and build your schedules accordingly and commit to it.

3. Focus on quality of communication

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The quantity of communication may face a deficit however; the quality does not have to. Focus on the important parts of the day and share them. You might be countries or states apart but the intimacy and closeness you both share cannot be taken away from the both of you.

Remember, less is more; spamming and excessive communication can be exhausting. Share voice notes, video clips, and pictures from time to time and put in the extra effort to make the communication qualitative.

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4. Do things together

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Geographical distance does not mean that you both cannot do things together. Play online games together, watch movies, and shows at the same time. You can go for a walk at the same time outside while video-calling each other, or even prepare the same meals while talking to each other.

You can also arrange for a DJ set up where you video call and dance to songs together. You can also do similar things together to have more topics to talk about.

5. Gift a personal object for the other person to hold on to

Whether it is a ring, a perfume bottle, or a stuffed toy. Humans attach meaning to things and store memories in it. These objects can feel quite comforting and soothing in times of distress.

You can feel the warmth of your partner and remind yourself of your love for him/her. Mail each other postcards or send hand-written love letters and gifts to each other from time to time. Surprise each other.

6. Trust each other and be honest with each other

Most importantly trust and be authentic to each other. Often LDR’s can fuel feelings of inadequacy, insecurities, and thoughts that your partner can cheat on you; it is completely normal to think this way as humans emphasize the importance of tangibility.

However, knowing your partner well and being honest with each other can go a long way in establishing a solid relationship.

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Nobody Said It Was Easy

Long distance relationships are tough, however; they can be a love affair one has with oneself during this journey. One can become more self-sufficient, independent, mature and gratitude oriented when they engage in LDR’s. Set potential timelines when both of you would unite and work on it.

As the beautiful song Hey There Delilah, by Plain White T’s goes, ‘Don’t you worry about the distance…….., I’m by your side’. Long-distance relationships are worth it if you truly love your partner. As the saying goes, ‘Share similarities, celebrate differences’, in your case distance.

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Ritika Matta
Ritika Matta
This is Ritika Matta, I’m a Counseling Psychologist and a writer. I am passionate about spreading mental health awareness and do the same through my work which is reflected in my blogs and articles.

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