7 Psychofacts To Know While Dating A Girl Who Has Been Cheated Before


Almost everyone goes through breakups sometime in their lives.You lend your shoulder to your best friend when he lived through a breakup. May be you were a victim also being cheated by your girlfriend sometime in the past. Now you are dating someone special and she opens her heart out about how her ex cheated on her. Sympathy comes first in your mind or may be a resolution to not do the same to her again, or else may be a question-“why is she telling me all this?” You need to know a few facts that would help you have a good relationship with your girl if she had been cheated before.

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Here are 7 Psychofacts to Know While Dating a Girl Who Has Been Cheated Before

1. She may not trust you easily:

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She has been burnt once and therefore would be extra careful this time. Trust might not come so soon and doubt may precede every decision. But that is just the circumstance and not her. Show her trust and love and she will learn to trust once more.

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2. Don’t hide your texts:

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You might be having some funny “guys stuff” kind of texts and mention “it’s nothing” or worse, “its no-one” when she questions. That’s a big mistake. She had had a breakup and she is suspicious. Calm her nerves by assuring her that it’s just a friend.

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3. She will mention her breakup time and again:

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You might be having a good time and suddenly she starts talking about her breakup and how her ex cheated her. Bear it with her as it still hurts her to feel cheated. The topic will arise less often as her heart heals slowly.

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4. She may still feel something for her ex:

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© pixabay

Yes, this is a fact that she loved her ex. She may have built up many castles with him in her mind. Her ex cheated her and it was a blow to her love. But it is difficult to stop that love entirely suddenly. She can have mixed feelings for him for a while like anger, love, hatred or even pity. But she will get over it. Give her time. Know that she loves you.

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