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“Oh Shit It’s Monday Tomorrow”- 5 Psychological Reasons Why Mondays Are The Worst

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Mondays have always been grumpy. People consider Monday as the worst day of the week and Here’re 5 Psychological Reasons Why Mondays Are The Worst Day Of The Week.

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“Oh Shit It’s Monday Tomorrow”

1)You Hate Your Job


A survey conducted by market information company, The Conference Board – 61 per cent of people around the world are not satisfied with their job. They hate their job and if you’re in 61 percent then you should look out for a job which satisfies you.

2)Weekend is over 

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First day of the week – Monday – it’s depressing for some people. You’re just back from an incredible vacation, deadlines, projects, pressure from your manager and you enjoyed two days of freedom and fun (Saturday and Sunday).

3)Rest of week – nothing to rave about either

© Gif's via tumblr
© Gif’s via tumblr

Mondays get the brunt of the scorn, the next three days are far from utopian.

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Tuesday – “Terrible Tuesday”

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© Gif’s via tumblr

Though it is considered better than Monday, but you still have 4 more days of torturous work to endure.

Wednesday – “Things start to get better”


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