Spousal Private Investigation Services: Are they worth it?

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Relationships are complicated. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into it, it feels like nothing is working out. Through no fault of your own, sometimes a relationship is doomed to failure. It is a cause of mental and emotional stress. 

It is true when they say you never know a person until you live with them. It is especially true for spouses. Often, a spouse becomes distant and no longer enjoys your company. Such signs may have an underlying reason that you may know. You can spend weeks and months figuring out what is wrong and still not find the answer. Often infidelity and lack of commitment are reasons for such behavior from a spouse. These acts are damaging to a relationship, which might end in divorce. 

Instead of going out of the way to spy on your spouse’s activity, hiring a private investigator is better for you. Not only does it save you from emotional upheaval, but it saves your time as well. Moreover, a PI is licensed and has the authority to monitor and report on a person’s whereabouts and activities. If you plan on spying on your spouse, it may lead you into trouble with the law. Hence, making you a criminal. So it is better to hire a PI.

What can you expect from a private investigator?

A PI is a licensed professional who performs investigations on behalf of police, organizations, insurance companies, and individuals. They have proper training in conducting personal investigations. It is their job to keep client information confidential. Hence, you can rely on a PI when providing them with personal information.

A PI does not use illegal means to conduct an investigation. They will not monitor someone’s location by tracking them through GPS without a person’s knowledge. The relationship between a PI and a client is different from that between a lawyer and a client. Although they will keep your personal information confidential, they are liable to reveal information while under an oath. 

When should you hire a private investigator?

There are several instances when hiring a PI is beneficial.

Divorce proceedings

When filing for divorce, spouses have to provide a valid reason for divorce. To prove this, you have to provide Proof of Allegation to the court. If you plan to seek a divorce from your partner for reasons of infidelity, domestic abuse, substance abuse, or other crimes, you require evidence. It is difficult to obtain evidence in these cases, especially if you are the victim. A PI finds the relevant evidence that will help you during court proceedings. 

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Often a spouse may hide financial assets from their partner for fear of its division after divorce. In such an instance, PI provides accurate information regarding a partner’s financial assets, such as bank account, property, etc. 

If you have children, divorce proceedings involve decisions regarding child custody and child support. If you feel that your partner is not suitable for your child’s custody, you can hire a PI to find evidence that proves your point. Likewise, if your spouse is hiding assets to avoid paying for child support, a PI can help gather the relevant evidence and show that the spouse is eligible for paying child support.

Also, PIs often work closely with law enforcement agencies. Hence, they gather evidence through legal means, making the evidence legitimate during a divorce proceeding. Before you hire a PI, you should consult with an attorney whether it is a good idea to do so. They may also recommend a professional PI. 


Suspicion regarding infidelity

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Even without concrete evidence, suspicion can arise regarding a partner’s infidelity. Since you are the closest person to your spouse, it is easy to notice changes in behavior. You may feel your partner withdrawn from you, not spending quality time with you, and spending time away from you. These tell-tale signs are hard to ignore. However, do not jump to conclusions because your suspicions may be misplaced. Confronting your partner on these grounds harms a relationship.

In such a case, hiring a PI relieves you of your misery. Moreover, it can put your suspicions to rest or confirm them. Either way, it will reveal the truth. If you plan to confront your partner about infidelity, it helps if you have evidence to prove it. A cheating spouse may manipulate you into believing that they are loyal. But with evidence, you stand on the higher ground and will not fall into their trap.

When you have evidence regarding your spouse’s disloyalty, you are in a better position to make the right decision. Since there is no room for doubt, you know your spouse’s true nature. In some sense, it empowers you and allows you to do what is best for you.

Is it worth hiring a spousal private investigator?

There is no doubt that PIs are professionals who get the job done. If you hire a PI to help get over problems with your spouse, then you should go for it. You can expect a PI to keep your personal information discreet. Moreover, if it is evidence that you want, a PI will (in most cases) deliver you hard evidence quickly. A PI will not take sides and will be impartial during the investigation. Not only do PIs, such as those at Star Quality Private Investigations, have the requisite skills, but they also have the appropriate gear and equipment to conduct investigations.

Hence, given the right circumstance, hiring a PI makes a difference.

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