8 Problems Every Extrovert Face Almost Everyday

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You are considered affectionate and friendly if you have an outgoing personality. There are many upsides of being an extrovert. People are intimidated by you; your social life is on roll. You wouldn’t want to exchange it with anything in the whole wide world. But being an extrovert has its downsides too.

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Here is the list of problems faced by an extrovert

1) Wrong Perception

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Since you don’t think twice before speaking of what’s going inside your ‘full of thoughts’ head. You blurt out whatever you are feeling before fully processing your emotions. So, people think you are being rash or being too’ truthful’. Something which they can’t handle. Therefore, your respect in their eyes decreases. They judge you hard and fast.

2) Flirting

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You’re a friendly person, you love hanging out with people. Basically you’re a social animal. What you’re thinking is completely different from what you’re being perceived as. You are suddenly the person who ‘flirts’ around with everyone when you are just being polite or trying to have a conversation.

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3) Happy Faces

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Since you are the life of the party, you’re NOT supposed to feel sad ever. According to other people, feelings like sad, depressed, upset doesn’t exist in your dictionary. So, you are not supposed to express these feelings. You’re the happy-go-lucky person. Being content and making other peeps laugh is your full time social job apparently.

4) Centre of Attention

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Everyone thinks you crave attention and you need constant recognition. What people don’t understand is that you can’t help it. Being loud and talkative is in your nature, it runs through your veins. This leads to people thinking that you are just a snobbish little brat. Oh, the dilemma.

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5) Dumb Person

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Just because you talk about anything ranging from cars to stupid jokes to bugs. People think you are incapable of having a deep meaningful conversation about anything. To them, the wires in your brain are loose which makes you a non-intellectual person.

6) Conversation Starter

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Now that you have started the conversation, it’s apparently your duty to keep the conversation going. Everyone thinks that you can never ever run out of topics. So, the pressure on your shoulders ascends making you feeling burdened to keep things going.

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7) Overwhelmed

Introverts and Extrovert
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Since you are too open about your feelings, you make the other person feel awkward with all the sharing. You don’t realise they aren’t able to cope with all these rain of emotions you’re pouring on them. You need to tune yourself out pals!

8) Too Easy Going

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You are a nonchalant person. People think if you ask them a favour you’d do that since you are a helpful person. They start considering you as a push-over. They think they can run all over you without you minding it and this makes you furious. Your mellow nature is taken advantage of.

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Being an extrovert is a boon. People crave to be like you. They love how you carry yourself, your confidence. Your whole aura shouts positive vibes. Most importantly, people open up to you and feel connected.

Tell us in the comment section below other struggles faced by an extrovert.

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