9 Psychological Signs That You Are A Facebook Addict

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Facebook has over a billion users and people spend time on facebook by updating statuses, uploading pictures, commenting and liking them. With smartphones and 3G/4G networks it is increasing and becoming a lifestyle for us. We get a lot of queries about how facebook is effecting out life’s psychologically and how to know if you we facebook addicts. So, Here are 9 Psychological Signs That You Are A Facebook Addict .

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1.You almost share everything on facebook

You almost share everything on facebook
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From taking your bed-coffee in the morning to going asleep in the morning ,you almost share everything.From movie’s to shopping , From haircut to hang-out , From feeling happy to sad , From uploading private pictures to checking your phone every second you get free . If you excessively share these things on fb , You are psychologically addicted to facebook .

2.Every new person you meet to try to ‘Friend’ them on Facebook

Every new person you meet to try to 'Friend' them on Facebook
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You don’t try to be ‘friends’ with the person you newly met , but try to get friendzoned on facebook. You are probably psychological addict of facebook.

3.Concerned about your Facebook Images

Every new person you meet to try to 'Friend' them on Facebook
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Uploaded your image/picture on fb, after 15 minutes you are worried about how others will respond to it or even delete in anticipation .

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4.Whatever/Where-ever  you pose , you think of facebook ‘DP’

Whatever/Where-ever you pose , you think of facebook 'DP'
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You try almost fit everything into your fb ‘DP’.You pose for ‘dp’, you make-up for dp .

5. Truely/Madly about adding ‘friends’

Truely/Madly about adding 'friends'
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You have immense desire to add more ‘friends’ on fb. You are addicted to facebook for simple reason i.e,to get popular.

6.You are ready to give your Off-line social life for facebook

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You know that f2f communication is far richer experience than online friends.But still you are ready to sacrifice your coffee for making online friends.

7.Keep scrolling , Till you get nothing

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You scroll-down fb till you literally get nothing.Even facebook tries to figure out what are you looking for  .


8.Read the news & trends on Facebook

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There are so many sites and blogs which you can opt instead of facebook and get relatively much higher doses of Humour ,content , facts and what not . So,Stay connected with Psychofact.com .

9.Facebook-deprived sickness, Reporting on Facebook

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You can’t stay away from facebook for more than an hour. You are deprived of facebook sickness.You report you routines like Taking a piss , Check-ins ,check-outs . No-one really cares of your routines.

These are 9 Psychological Signs That You Are A Facebook Addict and in the coming posts we’ll get you know how to overcome Facebook addiction and Psychology of facebook.


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