“All Men Are Same” – 5 Misconceptions of this Sentence

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No doubt the world is ‘Male Dominated’ but its a fact, Men are the creatures criticized more,blamed more, perceived more and interpreted wrong and never a study can prove all those things are right or wrong! From a school girl to a lady to the old women, you would have heard them saying ‘All Men are same’, all of them must be having distinct meaning but there are few conceptions which are truly wrong regarding the same.

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Here are 5 Misconceptions of “All Men Are Same” 

1) Men only want Sex!!


Men are Humans, they have feelings and emotions! It’s not the only ‘thing’ they ‘think’ of the whole day.

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2) Checking out a Girl


If a guy is staring at a girl everyone would think ‘He is checking her out’!!! This ain’t true may be he is just seeing like that or found her adorable, it doesn’t mean he is thinking in all the other ways about her.

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3) They love to Fight


They love ‘Physical’ fights, Truly no one loves fighting its just that they have their own type of venting out anger, they are impulsive and aggressive. This is their way of fighting and expressing!

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