How To Escalate With A Girl In A Way To Reduce Chance Of Rejection

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When we talk about escalation it means to take it one notch higher with a girl even it means to ask for her number moving from an occasional ‘Hi’. Sometimes getting rejected from a girl can do such a damage to your confidence that next time when you try to approach a girl, lack of confidence is clearly visible which add to the chances of getting rejected again. Don’t worry If you keep below 6 points in your mind, Chance are either you will get a positive response or it will not look like a rejection.

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Here Are The 6 Ways In Which You Can Reduce Chances Of Rejection While You Approach A Girl

1. Never be direct


Until or unless you are a player, avoid asking her out directly even for a small thing. Sometime girls need time to make up their mind, so chances are she might say no if they haven’t decided yet.

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2. Test the water


In case if you know the girl, always try to know her interest level   indirectly before asking her out. If you still get a vibe that she is not comfortable with you, wait for some more time to raise her comfort level.

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3. Make it casual


It will be really good if you make it sound like a casual thing rather a question. For e.g. “Let’s have a coffee” will always be better than “Will you have a cup of coffee with me?”

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4. Know some background


Sometime chances are that there is some genuine reason for a negative response. Try to understand that. If you ask her out and the answer is “I have got some work”. Chances are that she is really busy and if you would have chosen another day, the answer could have been totally different. The idea here is to make sure that she should be available as well as comfortable.

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5. Confidence

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Confidence will take you places. Just accept that gracefully don’t sound like a creep and move away with a smile. This will create a good image of you in her mind and who knows she is the one who is asking out to you next time.

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6. Timing


As a human being our emotions change with every changing moment. Just learn how to ride the emotional wave of a girl and go for it when you find the exact moment. That is the reason behind why it is difficult for so many guys to get there first kiss.

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