How To Spot A Liar : 5 Psychological Signs Of Lying

Signs of lying

Signs of Lying is a trait which every homosapien acquires over time. There are many reasons to lie to someone. Maybe you don’t want to the office party or you forgot to meet the deadline or you just don’t want to hurt the other person. Lying is sugar coating the truth! Its nerve wrecking and the end result isn’t the lush result you were expecting. Catching a person lying is a way for more communicative way to understand people and the reason behind their ‘excuse’. We’re going to enlighten you with some basic steps to identify if a person is lying. We’ll help you become Dr. Cal Light man from Lie To Me, you innocent humans.

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How To Spot A Liar : 5 Signs Of Lying, Here Are Some Tips To Identify If The Person Is Lying:

1) Eyes

Signs Of Lying

Eyes express way more about a person than anything else. If a person is looking upwards or breaking eye contact with you they’re probably lying. Some other things you might notice are slow blinking or closing their eyes while communicating. That’s the biggest giveaway to know if he/she is lying.

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2) Hand Movement

Signs Of Lying

When a person is being untruthful, they tend to frantically move their hands up and down. They get very nervous while talking. They try to hide their mouth or eyes with their hands so they aren’t caught. They’re closing off their communication with the other person. These tricks aren’t gonna work now pal!

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3) Body Movement

Signs Of Lying

They tend to move their body a lot while they are lying. They will adjust their clothes or their hair. Most significant is that they play with their ears. Also, lying causes anxiety and one of the most basic piece of tip-off is the biting or licking of the lips.

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