How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

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The art of flirting with girls is riddled with insecurities and confusions. And the worst part, you can’t really tell if a girl likes you or not. What if you’re just sitting back in your chair at a cafe, waiting to meet a friend when you catch a girl giving you one of those fleeting glances that vanish in a second? You look towards her occasionally, and you find that she’s looking back now and then.

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Here are few Tips on How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

1.She keeps looking at you


If you’re hanging out at a club or at a cafe, and find a girl looking straight at you now and then, and hurriedly turning her face away each time you look her way, there’s definitely something in the air, and it could also be a crush. There’s a fair chance that you’ve got something funny stuck on your face, but if she blushes or looks away each time you try to catch her stare, then that’s just good fortune.

2.She overdoes herself


Everyone has a little excited kid in themselves, even a girl who fancies you. Remember the time when you were a little boy and were eyeing a little girl? She would get all blushy and squirmy, and at any possible time when she can get to strut past you, she’d do that, tagging along her giggling friends.

Now that you’re a bigger boy and she’s a bigger, well endowed girl, you may think she’d behave different. But at times, her kiddie side may still kick in. If you’re at a restaurant or at a club, she may walk past you to get to the ladies room or to the exit, even if it’s the longer way around. And when she does that, she may even give you a shy smile that would probably melt your pounding heart.

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3.She’s excited to talk to you

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© Illuminati Films

If you’re already on talking terms with this girl and you bump into her someplace, like a cafe or even in your office lobby, is she excited to talk to you? Here, ‘excited’ doesn’t mean a “Hi” with a smile, we’re talking a big smile, and a sparkle in her eyes that just light up her face. It’s involuntary, but when a girl’s happy to see you, it shows.

How to tell if she likes you? Well, if she really likes you, you may find that she’s standing a wee bit too close into your comfort zone, which is a great sign if you like her back.

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