Interesting Secret Rooms That You Will Be Amazed To Know

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There are many fans of hidden rooms and passageways that would love the hiding spots that are mentioned here. If you want to find a way to hide all your belongings and money than you might want to check these hidden places mentioned here.

1) Secret study place

Why would any teenager not want to have their secret spot where they can just push the shelf or button and remain in their world? There’s a couple who did the same for their teenage daughter. If look from outside, it will look like a typical shelf with volleyball and stuffed toys in it.

Just one light push and she will get the secret study room that consists of the desk as well as her laptop. Isn’t this awesome?

2) Secret room

While moving into their new home in Arizona, the retired teacher of school Louise Kircher and her husband Donald who is the manager got more than in the house what they thought they would. In the huge bedroom, there’s a staircase that couple never knew existed.

Behind the stairs, there also exists another room where Kircher store the set of bedroom and the coffin of her mother.

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3) Unique place to hide

If anyone is looking for something specific to hide from, some companies make different passages for you. You may give a unique look by adding the clock of grandfather, paintings with other items, etc. The cost of this item may differ. If you choose this, then you need to be sure that you are saving something of significant value.

4) Secret place to keep wine

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Would you want to keep your wine in secret but you don’t have enough cash or space so that you may make one. Well, the company will make the hole in the ground itself and will also take out that dirt. There, you’ll be able to make the secret space to keep wines. This area is maintained at temperatures which will keep the wine away from spoiling.


5) Mysterious Playroom

This is the safe as well as a neat place for children. You may transform the wardrobe of your child in the secret passage that will lead to playroom filled with toys. This was the concept in the mind of the owner. They painted the dark room, with unique furniture and windows and also the large dresser which when anyone will push it will reveal the playroom.

6) Hidden garage under the apartment

In many cases, making a secret passage adds the financial advantage, and this can be seen in the owners home. They were trying to devise the rent of tenant, and the solution was a hidden garage that is behind the front entrance. By doing this, they got succeeded in avoiding the city codes of San Francisco and charge more higher rent.

7) Mysterious booth of ticket

From outside, it looks like the typical booth, but when you open it, you’ll find the secret room in it.


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