What Does Your Life Path Number Say About You?


Our life path number defines the vibrations of our energy field or the spiritual field which surrounds us. Our spiritual field is our higher self. It is sensitive to the highest degree; it never dies, and carries all the impressions of all our lives.

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How do we get a Life Path Number?
Suppose your date of birth is 21st August, 1988, then to count your life path number we need to add all the numbers of our birth date; viz : 21+8+19+88= 136; 1+3+6=10; 1+0=1; Add all the numbers until you get a single digit.

1.Life path number 1: Ruler: Sun


Individuality and Creativity are the two prime characteristics of people with this life path number. They are very protective about their people and their resources. They are sensitive to the highest degree and are very intuitive. Their ideas are original and mostly derived from the creative/spiritual worlds. Leadership positions are meant for them.

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2.Life path number 2: Ruler: Moon


They are the gentler side of number 1, with similar qualities as number 1. People with this life path are of a watery temperament and can become so sensitive that they carry a lot of emotional baggage. But they can be the most nurturing and caring; sometimes even to the point of hurting themselves.

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3.Life path number 3: Ruler: Jupiter


They are popular, charismatic and spark up any event with their presence. They also have a gift of gab, which make them excellent writers, artists, poets and musicians. Though they are good at attracting money, they can also be spendthrifts.


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