Psychology and You: 10 Things You Should Know About Cheaters

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Have you ever been cheated upon?

Betrayal can kill your emotions and hurt you so bad that you can never trust someone ever again. When you are in love, you are blindfolded by the compassion that you have in your heart for that “someone special.” You trust them so much that they become the only person that you believe in your life. I have personally seen a few friends going out of their way and doing things for their partners; even if you go and tell them that their partner is cheating upon them, they don’t believe it and stop talking to you, thinking that you are trying to create a rift between two lovers.

However, when they learn about their partner’s betrayal, they are shattered. Trusting another person in their life becomes a challenge, even if they start dating again and meet their perfect match.

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Psychology and You: 10 Things You Should Know About Cheaters


So is there a way in which one can find out if their partner is cheating? Yes, there are a few common behavioral traits noticed in cheaters; keep reading to learn about them:

  1. The cheaters either get too possessive about their partners or too laid back: While some cheaters know that their partners can cheat on them too, there are others who are least bothered about what their partners are doing, as long as they are together for an emotional bond.
  2. The cheaters either get overly romantic with their partner or overly detached: You wouldn’t see a cheater having a balanced relationship with their partner; they turn extremists.
  3. The cheaters have insatiable cravings to “make love”: The sexual appetite of cheaters is way too high than the non-cheating individuals.
  4. The cheaters believe that it is “okay” to cheat: When you argue with a cheater, you notice that they support cheaters and justify them.
  5. The cheaters want to be in control of the relationship: A cheating partner would want to control the relationship all the time.
  6. The cheaters may want their partners to feel good about having them around: Cheating individuals would always make their partners feel good about their presence.
  7. The cheaters get unbelievably uncomfortable when they are praised by their partners: Since they know that they are doing wrong with their partners, it is difficult for them to accept the appreciation that they receive.
  8. The cheaters can’t maintain the eye-contact with their partner: Most of the cheaters find it difficult to look into the eyes of their partner for a longer duration.
  9. The cheaters have a tendency to keep their machines password protected: If a person has too many passwords on their cellphone or laptop, it may be because they don’t want to get caught.
  10. The cheaters like to smug about their “double” and “triple” dates: When you talk to cheaters, you notice that there is a pride on their face when they talk about how many people they are handling at a time.
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The next time you notice the above mentioned behavioral traits in your partner, you might want to sneak into their room and access their cellphone to confirm if they are cheating on you or not.

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Bhairavi Sharma
Bhairavi Sharma
Bhairavi Sharma is an authoress of three books titled, "Mind Cuffed", "The Abyssal Secret" and "Just When I Gave Up." Her thirst for knowledge has made her complete her M.A. in Sociology, M.A. in English Literature and M. Com in Business Management. She was one of the gold medalists in H.S.C. (Electronics).

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