Wake up girls !! 5 Facts you should know about Puberty in your 20’s.

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Life takes a new turn when you turn 20. Ever wondered why everyone talks about their puberty in 20’s and say that was the best experience in their life.Girls kind-off experience a whole new world and try to understand it and find love from the crowd and love themselves. Here are 5 facts every women should know in their 20’s.

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1.Love yourself and keep smiling

It’s a fact that women in 20’s let people’s expectations appear on their appearance. Women put up tons of make up just to mimic katy perry’s lips or Kim Kardarshian’s face. Celebrity look good because they love themselves.

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Women looks more graceful when she love herself not caring much about what she wears and what other people think around them. Know in your 20’s to show confidence on your appearance and appreciate yourself. Try to look healthy not thin. Don’t be insecure in a relationship. 

2. Finding your “fairy tale character” is a myth

No one in this world will try to meet your expectations.Men just try to full fill your dreams but not your expectations. Stop expecting people to fight for you.Know in your 20’s , your preferences in people you meet and things you choose. Your Prince charming will never know what you expect unless you open up and tell your preferences.Love is an everlasting Rainbow.

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Wake up girls !! Its a myth , don’t waste your time in finding him.As time passes you will meet your Mr.Perfect.

3.Do yourself a favor and end the relationship

Everyone you meet and know in your 20’s might make you think ” he is the one “. You tend to hang your life and wait for him to come and propose you . Instead water yourself and get seeds in near future.

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Love and keep up your senses as to when to hold and when to leave . Being Single is better than being in dead relationship its like planting a dead leaf.Be a Psycho and achieve your goals.