What Do Women Look For In Men?

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
7 Qualities woman look for in man

Everyone wants to impress the woman they like. It is not as difficult as it seems . Every woman has a different choice when it comes to Love,relationship and marriage. Here are 7 Qualities woman generally look for in man and how you can impress a woman.

1. Idea of discovering new things

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
Idea of discovering new things.

A woman likes Man who has an idea of discovering new things. Woman gets attracted to a man like moths to a flame. The more you try to discover her, the more she gets attracted. If you want to impress a woman try to follow her, get to know her.

2. Make her Laugh

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
If you can make a woman laugh , half the battle is won.

Do you wonder why your friend is so famous among girls? Why do girls like to hang-out with him? The answer is Humour(his witty sense of humor) . If you can make a woman laugh, half the battle is won. A man gets popular among girls when he has a good sense of humor and acts funny. Make pranks, Make her laugh at your jokes. Humour attracts a woman more than anything else.

3. Go on your Knees

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
Go on your Knees

Woman like man who is confident enough to go on his knees and look into her eyes and impress her . Speak your heart out to impress her . Never get Friendzoned .Always have confidence to enter her radar and say her “you like her”.

4.Excitement and adventure

Couples who get married (why arranged is better than love marriage?) after a long relationship complain they don’t have much excitement left in their life after marriage.Woman like man who keeps up adventure and excitement in her life.

5. Know how to hold on to the conversation

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
Know how to hold on to the conversation

Its a Universal fact is that woman talk more. If you want to impress a woman, you need to be patient and express freely without feeling shy. If you don’t connect to her conversations you will not be able to impress. Pay attention and hold on to the conversations.

6. Strong enough to protect her

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
Strong enough to protect her.

Not every woman likes to have a hulk in her life. You don’t need to have six-pack abs or a ripped physique to impress her. You should be strong(not just physically) enough to protect her. Every time she looks into your eyes it should tell her how caring and protecting you are.

7. Purpose in Life

What Do Women Look For In Men ?
Purpose in Life

Wonder why IronMan, Superman, Krissh, all the superhero’s are liked by a woman? It’s because all of them have a purpose in life. Woman really like a man who is passionate to achieve their goals in life and zeal in whatever they do.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can impress woman and Qualities woman look for in a man.

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