What Do Your Eyes Say About You

what do your eyes say about you


Eyes are the mirrors to a person’s personality. People always look into the eyes of the opposite person whenever they meet. It is a weapon that makes a great impact on the people you speak to. The first impression that a person makes on us is when we look into the eyes and try to gauge him/her. And first impression lasts long. It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. The shape, color and the set of the eyes can differentiate people and their personalities. Let us have a look into the what do your eyes say about you and the characters associated with them.

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Here Are Various Shapes Of Eyes People Have Along with Their Personalities

1. Round Eyes

round eyes

People having round eyes are the ones who can build castles in their imagination. They are very creative and imaginative and are usually in their own world. They can be impractical at times and are very emotional unable to keep a check at their emotions. These persons are charming and adorable.

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2. Almond shaped eyes

Almond Shaped eyes

Almond eyes are very beautiful. They are calm and composed people who have good control over their emotions. They are attentive and extremely cautious. They  are determined and strong. They usually create their own space wherever they go.

3. Wide Set Eyes

wide set eyes

Those wide-set eyes are traits of individuals who are open to experimenting and exploring new things in life. They are very adaptive and flexible. But they find it difficult sticking to a routine and love the sense of freedom. They are adventurous and driven by impulse.

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