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10 Funny Reasons Why You Should Get Married


Normally people get married because they want to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love but a good number of people around the world have a whole set of other bizarre reasons to get hitched.

Here are 10 Funny Reasons Why You Should Get Married

1. Turning 30

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There is a fine line between young and old for the everyone, its age ’30’. Once you cross that line, everyone feels that it will be difficult to get a girl or a boy anymore. Because 29 is young and 31 is old.

2. Physically Unattractive

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You have to marry soon, else you might turn out to be too fat, ugly or even bald to attract a prospective bride. It’s the external beauty that matters, not the inside.

3. Last Wishes

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It has been your grandparents’ last wish to see you getting married before they pass away.




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Written by Bipasha Lal

She has received her bachelors in Media & Communication from Madras Christian College. Having been inspired by a lot of wonderful writers she too hopes to make a difference in other peoples lives with her works. When not writing you are most likely to find her watching movies, painting or browsing through magazines.

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