10 Myths about ‘Women’ which are purely wrong

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They are girls, ladies, a grown up matured women who she changes with all the aspects of life, they learn, live and teach, but there are beliefs about women which never changes in the people’s mind. People think this way and its not wrong it’s just incorrect.I fgirls love it, it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they love! They have a heart of gold, a feelings of ocean and don’t mind, but they are too strong to get defeated.

Here are 10 Myths About ‘Women’ Which Are Insanely Wrong!

1. Women love PINK

Women do like PINK, but aren’t pink lovers and their first choice and every choice is definitely not pink.

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2. Women take time to get ready

Women being on time is a doubtful thing, but don’t forget that she is the same lady who take only two minute to get ready when the matter is about her son or husband getting late, they take time for the SPECIAL occasions, have too much of it.

3. Women love to get pampered!!

They love to get and love to do the same, it’s all about the freedom of expression, they love to express and expect someone to do the same.

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4. Women love only ROMANCE!!

They love love stories, romance, all lovey dovey things and it doesn’t mean adventure, horror and action doesn’t makes up into their list.

5. Women wants to TALK all the times!!

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Their silence will hurt you more than their talks, there are even times when they like to be seated alone and without words.

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6. Women are confused!!!

They come to take your advice or permission doesn’t mean that they can’t decide, they respect your thoughts and it doesn’t mean they aren’t a good decision maker.

7. Women FIGHT!! 

People fight for their own self, Women know how to forgive but they are human beings and are highly expressive, they just believe in venting out rather than building it up in the mind.

8.Women love Gossiping and Bitching!

Women do so and believe it that’s not their profession, it’s like people will talk about them irrespective of they are doing good or bad.

9. Women dreams about marriage 

Children get fond of many things and as a child she too have thought of marriage but it’s not their ultimate goal, destination and the end or the only life.

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10. They are emotional

They have emotions, they value it and don’t believe in hiding it, they cry but it doesn’t mean that they are weak.

There will be more of the things in this list, and really they aren’t the one you typically cast them, they are one complex personality whom you can never understand! So before thinking her favorite color is definitely PINK, just think once is your favorite color only Blue or Black.

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